Friday, August 22, 2014

Quick Update! Trolls? & GoPro Issues

My usual topics for videos are changing, somewhat.  I think it's because we've been busy with a whole bunch of unusual things!  I'll not go into detail here, just yet, but it's all true.

So, in this update on the goings on, I briefly mention a drive to Irving, Texas, with some video of the trip.  We'd had some business to tend to there.  More on that later... much later, in a whole other post, even.

I also chat a bit about my curiosity with the comment section.  Some of my vids have been visited by potential trolls.  Not altogether a bad thing, but I wonder if I'm truly at the point in vid-making to earn me some trolls!  haha!

Oh, and the other thing I talk about is my beloved GoPro Hero3.  I think it's got some issues.  On the drive to Irving, the camera kept shutting itself off and it felt very hot to the touch.  There was no temperature notice on the camera, so I'm just guessing that it's overheating for some reason.  I've since updated the firmware.  I'll give the GoPro a go very soon to see if that fixed it.  By the way, there are videos about this very issue, the overheating, that is.  Some suggest there may be a foil-backed sticker touching the battery leads.  This was not the case with my GoPro, so it must be something else.  I've had this camera for a while with no issues and really love it.  Here's hoping the problem is solved quickly so I can get back on the road!  

Alrighty, that about does it.

Enjoy the vid!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Road Trip! Wichita Mountains Oklahoma

At last!  We made it to the mountains!

I have to admit, this little road trip was much too short for my liking.  A person needs more than a day to see the Wichita Mountains.  Well, this person, anyway.  haha!  I didn't even get to hike some of my favorite trails.  

In the video, you'll see the back roads most familiar to me, on the way to the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge.  Somehow, I ran out of space on my GoPro, right when we got to Mt. Scott.  No worries, I came prepared, and captured the rest of the action on my Galaxy S5 phone.

As always, the drive up Mt. Scott makes me a little nervous.  Something about the dizzying height and the edge of the road that appears to drop away suddenly.  It's just a small mountain, but one of my favorites.  The view from the top is lovely.  Turkey vultures, or black vultures, circle the mountaintop all day, it seems.  A person might not think a vulture could be beautiful, but when you see them soar, well, they are quite a sight!

The view was breathtaking.  There were rain shafts off in the distance.  I think I could sit on the rocks all day and watch the world.  It's a peaceful place.

I've only captured a tiny glimpse of the Wichita Mountains.  There is so much more to see!  Next time we hope to bike around the park.  I'm not sure if we'll give Mt. Scott a go, though.  Did you see those cyclists going up that mountain!?  Wow!

I hope you enjoy the vid!  Take care out there! (^.^)v   

FitVlog #17!

Yeah, I know it's a little late for this FitVlog #17.  Nevertheless, here it is.  My last update on the exercise I've been (or not been) doing.  It's a good reminder to get back on track soon!

If you're interested in any of the workout programs we've been doing, check out my website to learn more:
Thanks! :)