Wednesday, October 15, 2014

ALIENWARE 14 Unboxing & Review

I'm a little late posting this video, since I've using the laptop for a couple of weeks now.  But the Alienware 14 still excites me!  After all, I've been wanting one of these for a while.

In the video, I show the unboxing and give a little review of what I've discovered about the machine so far.  There are some quirky things I've discovered along the way, but nothing earth-shattering.  If nothing else, it makes it more interesting and gives me new things to do.

So, I guess I'm satisfied with this laptop.  To be sure, it's one of the best I've owned.  It should be, considering the cost of the thing!  (O.o)

There's probably some points I forgot to make in the video.  Partly, this is because I hadn't yet realized how amazing the sound system is, particularly with headphones on, when I made the video.  I've also learned to navigate Windows 8.1 loads better and quite like some of its features.  No doubt, I'll come across more things to consider about this setup in the future.

In the meantime, enjoy the vid! (^.^)v  

Friday, October 03, 2014

A Little Storm

Okay.  Yes, I know.  I'm supposed to be posting daily FitVlogs until Insanity is fini!

I had full intention of doing that yesterday, but a storm rolled in.  And me being me, I had to capture it on video.  One never knows what the weather may do.  What if I missed some big happening up there in the sky?  We wouldn't want that.

And so, I bolted down the GoPro Hero3 and commenced to filming the churning green, gray and pink clouds as they blew into town.  I also caught a little of the action on the Samsung Galaxy S5.  It was fun.  I just love the rain!

Enjoy the vid!  (^.^)v

P.S.  There will be a slew of FitVlogs to follow this post.  Just not yet.  I need a nap.  (e.o)

Friday, September 26, 2014

FitVlogs!! #19-#21

Okay.  This is crazy.  I know, I know.

I've resumed the Insanity workout program!  Not only that, I thought it'd be fun to vlog about it every day.  To keep myself accountable, that is.  What was I thinking?!

So far, so good.  But I know there will be something that trips me up.  haha!  It's inevitable.

As I'm typing, FitVlog #22 is uploading.  That'll have to be a separate post, I guess.  But for this post, since I've forgotten to put my latest vids here, I thought I'd cram a few of them all together.

I suppose there isn't much more to say about them.  Check them out if you like.  And thanks! :)

Coming soon is an unboxing vid.  Yep, I have, somehow, acquired an Alienware laptop!  This ought to be fun!

Take care out there!  (^.^)v
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