Wednesday, December 02, 2009


So this is what 39 is like~~

I slept through most of the day I reached this number, nearly forgetting it was my birthday. Haha!

Peaceful and comfortable it was~~


Since I've been away from the desk...
My first-born has turned 14!

Amazing, to be sure. I can hardly believe the day has come.

Happy Day to my "bringer of peace" every day! She is sunshine. :o)

fire and snow

Today marks a special occasion. Juicy snow fell from the sky.

Sure it was short-lived. But snow nonetheless.

We rarely see such a sight here, so the children were particularly excited. Though it was just a dusting. Not enough from which to build even a modest snow person.

I've scarcely had a moment, it seems, to enjoy the outside as much as I'd like. We've been a bit busy.

Yet, no matter how hurried I may be, my eye can not avoid the glow of leaves ablaze against a gray sky. It's as though the sunshine has been captured and kept in pockets on branches... and on the ground below. To give us warmth from the dark and chill.

No matter how I try, I can not recreate the radiance of the trees with my camera. There is such a sweet glow from them one can only see and feel whilst standing amongst them.

Whatever, I still photograph them. In hopes I should remember at least a touch of their fleeting beauty before wind peels leaves from branches... swirling, fluttering butterflies and flame.