Wednesday, November 03, 2010

late nights and 3 musketeers

Halloween has come and gone. The chocolate is gone, too. Pity. Still, Halloween is one of my favorite holidays.

I've always loved pretending to be someone else. Makeup that sparkles or glows in the dark and things that light up in unusual ways will never cease to amuse me! The kiddos seem to agree with me on this. It's like magic.

While, anymore, I rarely dress up for Halloween, apart from smearing on a bit more glittery makeup than usual, I have been staying up late each night in search of particular pieces of steampunk-style clothing and gear. I've found a character to emulate for next year's A-kon 22, so the hunt is on!

The other day, I scored a major piece of the ensemble! Tis a vintage Swedish Mauser ammo belt, formerly used for stripper clip storage. Yes, an odd thing to be excited about, but this thing will have more than one use. And, methinks it'll look pretty cool, too!

The rugged and worn leather belt is due to arrive tomorrow. I'll have to take pics!

Now, the boots are another story. I'm still searching for those, though I have come across a suitable pair of Tomb Raider styled commandos. Who knows when I'll get those. Boots are a bit pricey. And there are other family members to attend A-kon who might need a pair, as well.

The rest of the ensemble will likely be handmade, which is in the spirit of a true steampunk, no? At least, that is the plan.