Wednesday, December 02, 2009


So this is what 39 is like~~

I slept through most of the day I reached this number, nearly forgetting it was my birthday. Haha!

Peaceful and comfortable it was~~


Since I've been away from the desk...
My first-born has turned 14!

Amazing, to be sure. I can hardly believe the day has come.

Happy Day to my "bringer of peace" every day! She is sunshine. :o)

fire and snow

Today marks a special occasion. Juicy snow fell from the sky.

Sure it was short-lived. But snow nonetheless.

We rarely see such a sight here, so the children were particularly excited. Though it was just a dusting. Not enough from which to build even a modest snow person.

I've scarcely had a moment, it seems, to enjoy the outside as much as I'd like. We've been a bit busy.

Yet, no matter how hurried I may be, my eye can not avoid the glow of leaves ablaze against a gray sky. It's as though the sunshine has been captured and kept in pockets on branches... and on the ground below. To give us warmth from the dark and chill.

No matter how I try, I can not recreate the radiance of the trees with my camera. There is such a sweet glow from them one can only see and feel whilst standing amongst them.

Whatever, I still photograph them. In hopes I should remember at least a touch of their fleeting beauty before wind peels leaves from branches... swirling, fluttering butterflies and flame.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

the quiet

The quiet has been elusive as of late.

I've sought it in pockets of a day, though it runs screaming to the crash of an unknown chaos in other rooms. There is no time for a silent thought. Perhaps, it is best this way.

The quiet brings opportunities for contemplation. Things, one tends to pack away for later dealings, well up when the air is void of other suggestions. Those worries, old wounds, or lost moments of sunshine.

But on occasion, by accident, I've come across sounds that seep between gaps of the din, softening the noise a bit. Just enough peace. Giving clarity a smoother ride.

It could be, as I'm older, I'm learning to appreciate the way the light falls through the trees onto the faces of the children. And just as children do, I discover how brilliant the points of sunshine can be, slivers shimmering through the window shade. That even the tiniest flower, near-hidden in tangles of grass, has its place in the bouquet. How achingly beautiful it is. All of it.

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Today was a particularly lovely day.

After what seemed like weeks of rain and grayness, we've got sunshine! Nice.

And not just any sunshine. This is the clear and crisp kind. That which is surrounded by cool air and a sweet soft breeze. I love the fall. My favorite season to be sure.

After a quick mow to some thick lawn, I sat enjoying the afternoon, whilst the kiddos ran free in the yard. Camera phone in hand.

A wonky thing is wrong with the camera in my phone. An unreachable strange smudge is on the inside of the glass protecting the tiny lens. Nevertheless, at times, the camera produces pleasing effects and softness. Especially when it catches the sun just so.

Ian is certain Sara doesn't really need help riding the trike on the "circle". He's seen here coaching from his lawn chair, "She can do it. Come on."

The husband will enjoy this... Minimalism, I say. o_O

And so, we close this day with hopes for another one just as lovely... And a night sky as clear and full of sparkle...

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Image info HERE.

My mind has been busy. I've not slept as much as I ought.

I'm not fond of great amounts of sleep. Just enough will do. Somewhere around 4 hours is fine. Beyond that, I dream too much and vividly... it's difficult to make any sense of it.

There are times my dreams have been disturbing. The things seen, on occasion, come to pass. I suppose everyone does this from time to time. It would be nice to dream about winning lottery numbers. HaHa! But no. Such is not the way for me.

I should document my dreams. I've been interesting characters who've done amazing things. In one adventure, I was James Bond-like. Sports car and all. Nice. But some dreams are seemingly mundane. Like images of unknown people walking by in some faraway land. Or flashes of objects like colorful fabrics, pottery, or jewelry.

My last dream was not clear or memorable for the most part. What I do remember is the very end of it. The moment before I woke up, a large peacock spread its feathers. The image has stayed with me today. It's meaning unknown.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


As a youngster, I recall the lush gardens in our backyard. Mom and Dad tended them diligently. Perhaps, I took their beautiful existence for granted. The gardens that is. And maybe, my parents, too, at the time.

As I am much older, with my own children to nuture, and a potential garden to grow, the purpose of the garden has somehow changed.

Back then, there were moments my brother and I simply did not understand the time the grown-ups spent tilling the dirt, planting the seeds... Of course, the results were lovely. The yard was transformed from a flat and empty void, to an oasis. A refuge for wildlife, a harbor for us from the world outside, a meeting place.

I did not understand why they spent so much time working to create this special space.

Now, it seems my own life is becoming a bit more complicated. The children are growing. They've each their own needs. Their own issues.

When the weight of our world becomes too pressing, confusing, I find myself looking to the green of the trees. My fingers picking at the weeds and sifting through the dirt. The heaviness lifts a touch. The chaos begins to fade.

Perhaps, this is how our own oasis will begin.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


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It couldn't be helped.

This Porgy and Bess tune won't leave me today...

Thanks to cashmerequeen for sharing this vid.

diagnosed: human

Once again, there is quibbling over what to do with health care in the U.S. Most recently, discussion concerning U.S. health care and illegal aliens.

There are many people in our land of plenty who are without plenty of things. Then, there are those who seem to have it all.

Perhaps, for those who do have it all, it is difficult to understand not having. Even more difficult for them to believe, there are actually people who toil very hard, yet never gain much. Harder still to trust, there are actually illegals who pay taxes. I've seen it myself. Where does that money go?

Of course, it is somewhat baffling why so much anger is directed only at illegals, with regard to taxes and health care. Maybe the anger should be directed at those who hire them. Those who pay them a mere pittance for their labor. The ones smiling at all the cash they've saved themselves by hiring workers on the cheap.

But never mind how it is we are in this position.

In all the rhetoric, something is fading... Humanity.

Yes, I know I'll be called a bleeding-heart liberal. No matter. I'll make no apologies for a desire that my fellow human beings be treated with at least a modicum of dignity. If that's a liberal thought, so be it. I once thought it was a "Christian" thought. Somehow, I've been kicked out of that club.

Whilst attempting to learn more on the health care debate, I stumbled across this comment by "brian" on CNN's Cafferty File:

brian (Nova Scotia) August 18th, 2009 4:35 pm ET

I am very confused. The United States is likely the most Christian nation on the planet. No other country has given so much to so many others in times of need. It is inconceivable to me that such a generous people such as our American Cousins could consider turning away 6 million ‘Illegals’ and their children. To say nothing about the 47 million of your own citizens who are unable to get affordable health care. I have every confidence you will sort this out , I only hope it can be done so while perserving the values America believes it stand for.

I am very confused, too, "brian".

And I haven't even mentioned how some Americans view other Americans who do not have health insurance. Health insurance is a commodity here. He who can buy the most wins. The prize? In some cases, life.

I don't profess to have all the answers. The situation seems too complex for most of us to grasp. Still, people are not just things to be tossed out like so much refuse. For all the talk of valuing life... Why not value it?

Ah. But how much will that cost?

Friday, August 21, 2009

Michael Moore is at it again...

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This looks interesting.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

James Cameron's Avatar Teaser

The long awaited Avatar is nearing its release.

At last, a teaser trailer to whet our appetites for some cool looking sci-fi. But what about the story?

Admittedly, I don't know much about Avatar. In any case, the movie images look interesting. And they ought to, since this film took over a decade to make. Well, from its inception to completion. The actual work on the picture took 4 years, I understand.

Me thinks I'll be along for the ride come this December.

Friday, August 14, 2009

District 9--August 14, 2009

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Image info HERE.

D-9 has been released.

I've plans to see this picture. Its less than slick presentation I find intriguing.

I'm hoping to see something original in this film. Something to pique the imagination like Star Wars (my absolute favorite) did long ago.

Ahh... Gritty sci-fi. I can't wait!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

starry night

The Perseids, my favorite night-sky event since I can remember, have eluded me the past few years.

I'm bummed.

Me thinks it is time to join a sky-watching group. Those who meet at night, in remote areas, surrounded by rich darkness to see what us suburbanites can't. Stars. Comets. Meteors. The beautiful night.

The stars, I sorely miss. Those few we can see, I cherish.

As for the Perseids . . .

I recall childhood summer camp-outs in the backyard. Eyes to the August sky. My parents, my brother and me.

As years went on, it would be my brother and I. Watching for the fireball. We'd always see at least one. The one so bright, burning from horizon to horizon. Sizzling in its flight, trailing a tail of smoke.

That ... I miss.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


The big topic amongst us Americans lately is health care. Once again we are a people divided, it seems. And I can't help but wonder why such intense anger is coming out of conservatives. Anger and outright fibs. Again. Okay, maybe it's mostly the extreme far right spewing nonsense. Maybe. Here are the top 5 fibs about health care reform listed on

Our government is working on a plan to fix what's been wrong with health care for many years. That some get it, yet many don't. More and more are going without it for their families. It is a choice of buying groceries or paying for an expensive health plan.

Often times, those without health insurance are simply priced out. It's unaffordable. Or if one can pay for it, it's too expensive to actually use. High deductibles and whatnot. If you don't have insurance, you may be paying out of pocket. The cost of treatment is climbing.

Most people know something is wrong with the system. Even those staunchly against the current plan our government is forming.

Sometimes it takes an extreme event to make one understand the problem. People get angry when they are very ill, hospitalized, and the insurance money is running out. Particularly when their insurance company decides not to pay for treatments that might save a person's life.

Insurance companies don't like to lose money.
I'm not happy, Bob. Not happy.
Gilbert Huph-The Incredibles

Apparently, our current system makes being in the health insurance business highly profitable. They get to decide what treatments they'll pay for. And it doesn't matter if one rarely goes to the doctor. Either way, they keep your premiums. If interested to know more, a vid about the subject HERE. Also, check out

I dunno. Seems to me if you are paying for a service, you ought to receive it. Were it anyone else conducting business this way, there would be lawsuits involved, I'm sure.

So we all can agree, there is a problem. Right? Now the the big question is, will the new reform make the U.S. a socialist country? I came across a discussion, yes, an actual "discussion" in which people don't always agree, about the topic of a socialist U.S. Believe it or not, I found it in the forums of The link HERE.

I'm still forming my opinion on this issue. But if we are already paying for the health of other people through high insurance premiums or paying out of pocket for high priced treatments, why such opposition to the reforms being proposed? I don't get it.

Photo: Dorothea Lange

So, here I sit, with my small children demanding much of my attention. It is difficult to focus. I imagine it must be the same for so many parents. Often, I think many people don't examine what is actually being done by our government. What they believe about the state of the country may hinge on a headline in the paper. Even still, enough people paid attention to be done with Bush-style politics.

As far as the "government health care reform=socialism" equation goes, I'm looking at other "free" countries for examples. Like, Canada or England. I wonder, what do Americans think of their health care system? Are Canada and England socialist countries?

To me, it would be nice knowing I could expect to receive health care. That my taxes have already insured me. And the majority of my paycheck did not go to an overpriced health plan I can use only at the discretion of the insurance company. The idea much of my insurance premium lines the pockets of the company's execs is a bit disconcerting. Should we really be treating health care as a commodity?

I suppose if one doesn't mind paying a fortune for health care, more power to them. Having health insurance is the new status symbol!

Turn off background music HERE, then come back up.

More on this:
An article written in 2007 by Ezra Klein shows how some countries with the best health care do it. This article can be found here: Health of Nations--Ezra Klein

It is interesting to note, the health care system of the U.S. ranks 37th, between Costa Rica and Slovenia, when compared to 191 other countries. France is ranked as the best. One can see the World Health Organization's assessment here: The chart showing the rankings starts on page 18.

Monday, August 03, 2009


Lately, I've gotten interested in making flash objects for a website. Flash being all the rage it seems. While I haven't become very good at creating much, playing with the software has been fun.

At the moment, I'm giving KoolMoves7 a try.

I thought I might make a flash header for this blog. Yep, it can be done. I came across this fantastic blog with the proper template codes:
Much appreciation to the owner of FunonMarsLikes

So after tweeking the code a bit, I was able to apply this simple header...

...and test it here:

Now I know KoolMoves7 has much more to offer than that boring ol' header. I'm just getting warmed up.

Friday, July 24, 2009

the road goes

On a whim, not terribly long ago, we let the road take us north ... with a hint of east in it, at near midnight one night.

We stayed on this heading until we reached Little Rock, the capitol of Arkansas. We'd never been there before. And because there were no plans made prior to this trip, we'd no idea what to do there.

Had we been better prepared, I'm sure we could have enjoyed more of Little Rock's finer points. Though lacking the time to do research, we stumbled around until finding this wonderful place:
Heifer Village

Puzzled by the name and lack of information on the outside of the building, unlike most of the touristy shops on the road leading to this place, there was no choice but to take a peek. I asked the greeter what the purpose of Heifer Village was, then almost instantly remembered seeing Susan Sarandon on a late night talk show speaking about the program.

Heifer International is a charitable organization aimed at ending world hunger through education. Curious about it? Visit It's a cool thing.

I must say, it's one of the best spots we found in Little Rock.

A place near Little Rock.

Our trip to Arkansas would not be complete without a quick stop at Hot Springs.

Whilst there, we climbed, hiked and got rained on. It was lovely.

Always the disturbing thing about Hot Springs, at least to me, is the deceiving water fountains decorating the city. They dance beautifully and tempt a hot person to refresh themselves in their waters. But watch out! The water is scalding hot!!
Not nice. Just, not nice.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

cool blue

"It's bloody hot here!" the husband would say.

And so, much of this summer has been spent in the pool. Whilst I love a swim and a touch of the warm sun, I am very much looking forward to autumn. The fall is my favorite.

Now if only I'd a vid of the babies with their water-wings... Best to work on that soon!

Friday, June 26, 2009

dark cloud

Hanging over us, a dark cloud.

It comes to visit on occasion. At times, appearing a bit more ominous than others. I'm no fan of it, to be sure. But what to do?

I'm fresh out of sunshine it seems. Though only for the moment.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

gran torino

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Hubby and I watched the Clint Eastwood film Gran Torino the other night.

Vid shared by AlexTube95.

Some may find this film a little off-putting. Racist remarks are quite free-flowing throughout. Of course, in time, one can see past all that for the meat of the story.

Because the language is very much in-your-face, we couldn't help but laugh at it. And for me, a special smile.

I knew someone, several years ago, who used similar language as does the Eastwood character, to describe certain groups of peoples. He, too, was a war veteran. Only he went to Vietnam, not Korea.

When I first met this fellow, whom I think of as my good friend now, I thought certain he was a bigot. He had his issues with the Vietnamese in particular, and with other peoples, too. Though, despite anything derogatory he ever said, he cared deeply about everyone. He wished for their success, offering advice, money, or whatever was needed, to help anyone of any color. A real softy inside. But how many really new it?

My friend wasn't near as grumpy as "Walt", but he had opinions on just about everything. And of course, he had his own arsenal. What a gun collection! The Wild West to be sure. I can hear his tough guy voice now... "I'm from Buffalo, New York. Mucho muchacho..." and all that.

Funny, he used to compare himself to Eastwood. So this movie really fits. I hope my friend sees it, wherever he may be.


Thanks to such a thing as the Mexican plume, we see interesting cloud formations without the violence.

On occasion, I can appreciate a good capping inversion. Particularly since we are in process of getting the swimming pool ready. But at times, I'm ashamed to admit, I do enjoy a nice gully-washer with all the fixins.

Recently, we had what seems to be our first tornado warning of the year. At least I think it was the first. I can't remember, since it's been a while since we had such excitement.

We sheltered the little ones in a closet, whilst us big ones watched the wind whip the trees around. The twister was a small one and missed our town pretty much, we just got the 80mph straight-line gusts.

Not near as bad as the tornado we had, I believe it was last year, which actually hit less than a block from where we lived then. Some trees were uprooted, fences blown down and quite a bit of roof damage occurred all over town. And wouldn't ya know, we slept through that one! Crazy.

Not that I wish for a terrible twister. I don't. They scare me.

Maybe I expect to hear tornado sirens go off at least a handful of times in spring and summer each year. It did in West Texas and all over Oklahoma, not terribly far from here. The difference, we have that Mexican plume in these parts.

One day, I'm sure I'll grow to love it.

Friday, June 05, 2009

busy bees

Since our move a few months ago, there has been loads of stuff to do!

A larger place means, larger furniture.
Though, I wonder if we've gone too large with this one!

A major improvement, to be sure, the walls behind the monster sofa are no longer blood red! I'll not miss the smell of primer anytime soon. My desire to paint has all but vanished, as well. Yet, there is still the kitchen to be done! Egad.

We did manage to hang a new light fixture over the dining table without much trouble. This is a big accomplishment. Ha ha!

Needless to say, we aren't finished with the work. But there has been progress. We'll be sure to keep you posted.

In the meantime, the lawn needs to mowed.

This, whilst my little man and his sister have a bit of fun.
A bit hard to believe this is a boy born 3 months too soon!
Way to go Ian!

In time, there will be more pics. Maybe a bit of video.

We've got lots of catching up to do~~

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

the biz

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Whilst I'm not a big fan of American Idol, I do absolutely love music. New performers are interesting and exciting. Especially the good ones!

It isn't that I don't like AI. It's just, I don't watch much television so don't follow the show.

Though, after hearing a bit of hub-bub surrounding the latest American Idol winner and "runner-up", if you will, I decided to give 'em a listen.

I must say, Adam Lambert caught my attention.

It wasn't until I heard him perform with one of my all-time favorites, Queen, that I knew this guy was really on to something.

I'd expect to see this fellow do quite well in the future. ;O)

Vid creds:
Adam Lambert-Mad World myentertainmentchann
Adam Lambert & Kris Allen with Queen-We Are the Champions sukitezy4eva

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Last Sunday was Mother's Day.

We'd been busy with so many things since the move. The day went by in a hurry.

Even still, our moms are in our thoughts every day.

Every single day.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth

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The following video was posted by SandersPoel to celebrate Earth Day 2008. O' course it still fits and I like it, so here it is... :o) Every day...Earth Day~~peace~~

SandersPoel, thanks for sharing!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

the spot

There's a perfect place for a blanket and a bit of lunch we've found. It's there under that tree, under the sky.

What is it we've done without this patch of earth all these years? I can not tell.

Those who came before us here may never know how we do so appreciate our new home. Perhaps it is the children who tell it best.

Friday, April 10, 2009

el fin

Finally! We are moved.

At least, technically. We have a new address and such, though much of our belongings sit cozy in their boxes still, whilst walls are painted and broken things mended.

No time for much else, thus this post is short. time~~~

Monday, March 23, 2009


Time is getting away from me. So much to be done.

We are set to move our growing mountain of boxes to a new address very soon. Yet, somehow, I've found a bit of time to join my daughter, her best friend, along with countless others, in a "Perfect World".

Here's my character, StarCat, I created on Perfect World International.

If you like multi-player online rpgs, you might like to join PWI, too! The graphics are nice, the music lovely and, perhaps best of all, it's free! :o)

Learn more about Perfect World International at Enjoy!

As for me... more packing to be done... (sigh) Not enough time in the day~~~

Thursday, March 05, 2009

cookie time

It's been a while since I made cookies. Or took pictures. Or blogged for that matter.

Today, the time for some fresh peanut butter cookies seemed just right. The kiddos couldn't have agreed more. O' course, to them, anytime is a good time for fresh cookies!

The urge to cookie-make must have something to do with the fact we are moving soon. Whilst tossing things out and packing some things away, I've found items in the cabinet I've oft overlooked. Like a brand new package of brown sugar and that special brand of pure vanilla I'd not yet opened. These back-of-the-cupboard dwellers begged to be blended with the creamy peanut butter sitting in the front row.

To be sure, there are other reasons to mix a batch. A way to say goodbye to this humble abode, our home for seven years. In some oddness, it will be missed.

What's more, biting into the crispy treat will help alleviate the anxiety of waiting for moving day. The special melancholy of sifting through years of memories in old ragged, dusty boxes...

Yes, it is time for a warm cookie.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Friday, January 09, 2009


We take our road trips to escape a place we feel unsettled in.

We travel to ease the disquiet and to search for a better way.

So far, we've found few answers. Though the journey has been fun, the constant uncertainty, the state of limbo we are in, causes a bit of anxiety.

Perhaps it is a case of cold feet.

There is something difficult about settling in a spot surrounded by so much land. A bit of the sea nearby would surely be lovely.

It is true, I come from a state smack in the center of the country. A wonderful state to be sure. We had twisters, I recall. Huge ones. Those kept us busy every spring. And there are a touch of mountains here and there. Peaceful country roads. Lakes. Loads of them.

And here, now, we find roads. Very long ones. Endless it seems.

Most recently, however, we've found...


It is what hovers around empty, voiceless faces that crash into us at the grocery store. The dust we stand sputtering in, as we stand protecting our children from the parking lot crazies. Or that which swirls on the back porch, where a bicycle, now gone to thieves, once stood... Clouds of it kicked up when large stands of historic trees are felled for the sake of a giant concrete slab...
What fills our pockets, after forking over a small fortune to stake our tiny claim on... even more dust.

These things, seemingly small, mount up bit by bit.

We might expect to come unhinged, were it not for our hopeful spirits and a glimpse of the sea on a very distant horizon.

It happens from time to time, this cynicism. It'll be gone by sunrise. The steam from my coffee cup and the scent of rain on the children's hair will flatten the confusion.

Little smiles. The one person out of thousands who holds the door when the babies struggle and slip. A knowing glance from someone else who sputters in the dust. We need each other it seems.

The blocks, multicolored and many-shaped, my daughter and I stack to the sky... Our little boy's "Kung Fu Panda" impression... Big daughter's music, joyous laughter, the radiant smile. And that thing that happens to the husband when he wants to be aggravated at the raucousness of monkeybabies, but can't help a grin, a giggle and hearty laugh, because they are so darn cute!

The stars, how they do shine so in winter...

Keep it simple.