Sunday, June 14, 2009

gran torino

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Hubby and I watched the Clint Eastwood film Gran Torino the other night.

Vid shared by AlexTube95.

Some may find this film a little off-putting. Racist remarks are quite free-flowing throughout. Of course, in time, one can see past all that for the meat of the story.

Because the language is very much in-your-face, we couldn't help but laugh at it. And for me, a special smile.

I knew someone, several years ago, who used similar language as does the Eastwood character, to describe certain groups of peoples. He, too, was a war veteran. Only he went to Vietnam, not Korea.

When I first met this fellow, whom I think of as my good friend now, I thought certain he was a bigot. He had his issues with the Vietnamese in particular, and with other peoples, too. Though, despite anything derogatory he ever said, he cared deeply about everyone. He wished for their success, offering advice, money, or whatever was needed, to help anyone of any color. A real softy inside. But how many really new it?

My friend wasn't near as grumpy as "Walt", but he had opinions on just about everything. And of course, he had his own arsenal. What a gun collection! The Wild West to be sure. I can hear his tough guy voice now... "I'm from Buffalo, New York. Mucho muchacho..." and all that.

Funny, he used to compare himself to Eastwood. So this movie really fits. I hope my friend sees it, wherever he may be.

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