Monday, March 27, 2006


Wet pavement hissing,
Crackling under fast moving tread...
Last whispers of the storm,
Seen faintly to the east,
Smeared on a black speckled night...

My gaze shifts across the horizon,
Through the dying sounds of thunder
Above the amber glow of city street lamps.

Shielding my eyes from civilization,
My mind tosses a line to the heavens.
There, I am home.
A tiny spot of light, its familiar dance...
Our star,
A gentle guide to the past.

My lips part with a soft pop,
As I suck the last memory from cool moist air.
The warm sigh that follows
Reminds me, you are forever gone.

Wading through the vast shadows of space,
I search for a glimpse of your possible journey...
A hope that you are alright.


My neck aches, stiff from desperation...
Voice tickling my throat in defeat,
...goodnight, then...

Arms dangling helpless,
I turn to go inside...
A kick to damp gravel in the drive.
Discouraged, alone.

Tiny hairs in my ears prickle with excitement...
A sensation sorely missed.

I hear you!

My head snaps around throwing me off balance.
Overhead, a burning, brilliant,
Spitting SHOOSH of fire
Streaks across the sky.
My soul screams with joy...

I see you!

Eyes focused tightly, quickly fill with liquid.
An uncontrollable ball of laughter
Squeezes through a clamped, trembling jaw, startling me.

Peace, shimmers and rains down from the dazzling stream,
Enveloping my entire being.
Comforting, assuring my hopeful mind,
Tapping my senses on the shoulder,
Caressing my forehead...

"I'm okay," he said,
"I am home"

First written April 28, 2000 for my brother-- lost March 31, 2000.

Monday, March 13, 2006