Tuesday, November 28, 2006

the little things

Skyline StarCat 6Barely paying attention to the buildings plugged into the ground, hardly noticing the traffic clogging the street, my mind was blank to the world, but not for the first time. This city sucks the smiles from the soul.

ThunderTaking a break from the mundane, I glanced up at a small patch of black sky between the jagged mountainous rooftops, and there it burned! Comet Its long tail stretched across the darkness. The fireball I've so sorely missed. Stars
"Did you see that?!" I'd shouted excitedly to the others. It couldn't be helped, it was just that thrilling.
I've composed myself now.Flowers & Butterfly Yeah, the family thought I was a little too ecstatic, a bit odd...Alien ...but scarcely do they understand. The sky brings a peace I can not find in these concrete walls. Stars
StarSleeping Kitty On Monitor

Friday, April 28, 2006


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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Keeper of the Garden

she danced
across the petals
and landed on a rose
from whence
this dainty faerie came
only heaven knows

Monday, April 17, 2006

Road Trip

Southbound I-35,
at a standstill,
brought this lovely
view of the

Sittin' in traffic...
Gotta love it!

Creeping along, still on I-35,
nearing the Oklahoma-Texas
border... just passing the time.
Isn't this fun? :)

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

secret garden

...and though the birds
twittered and sang...
within the garden,

her secrets remained...

all photos copyrighted sdchan2006

Monday, March 27, 2006


Wet pavement hissing,
Crackling under fast moving tread...
Last whispers of the storm,
Seen faintly to the east,
Smeared on a black speckled night...

My gaze shifts across the horizon,
Through the dying sounds of thunder
Above the amber glow of city street lamps.

Shielding my eyes from civilization,
My mind tosses a line to the heavens.
There, I am home.
A tiny spot of light, its familiar dance...
Our star,
A gentle guide to the past.

My lips part with a soft pop,
As I suck the last memory from cool moist air.
The warm sigh that follows
Reminds me, you are forever gone.

Wading through the vast shadows of space,
I search for a glimpse of your possible journey...
A hope that you are alright.


My neck aches, stiff from desperation...
Voice tickling my throat in defeat,
...goodnight, then...

Arms dangling helpless,
I turn to go inside...
A kick to damp gravel in the drive.
Discouraged, alone.

Tiny hairs in my ears prickle with excitement...
A sensation sorely missed.

I hear you!

My head snaps around throwing me off balance.
Overhead, a burning, brilliant,
Spitting SHOOSH of fire
Streaks across the sky.
My soul screams with joy...

I see you!

Eyes focused tightly, quickly fill with liquid.
An uncontrollable ball of laughter
Squeezes through a clamped, trembling jaw, startling me.

Peace, shimmers and rains down from the dazzling stream,
Enveloping my entire being.
Comforting, assuring my hopeful mind,
Tapping my senses on the shoulder,
Caressing my forehead...

"I'm okay," he said,
"I am home"

First written April 28, 2000 for my brother-- lost March 31, 2000.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Anger Management

Shamelessly convinced to be right, I walked away. The dust, stirred by my haste, blurred those left behind.

The end of the journey, the end of the long walk, revealed the truth. I was wrong . . . maybe. But had I not risked the loss of something, by walking away from it, I never would have thought so. I never would have believed my anger at such a simple thing was groundless. Instead, the intense ire would be burning through every pore until my mind found a million past instances to prove my point.

In the end, my "point" had no value. It didn't matter one iota. It simply was no longer important to waste precious moments proving it.

The ire burned away in the cold dry wind that stung my cheeks and burned my eyes. The dust settled leaving the clarity I sought.

In the end, the value found, was in the walk itself.