Monday, December 29, 2014

Winter Break & Lost Voice

At last we are on Winter Break!

I like to capitalize the "holiday" because it's quite welcome right about now.  Winter Break is comprised of the couple of weeks in the year during which Christmas and New Year's occur.  Oh, and school is out!

But before all this happened, there were school parties.  And that is where we all caught our latest illness.  Sore throats, aches and chills.  Yep.  And now, nearly a week later, my voice (gruff from chatting and coughing) has given out on me.  So the vids, if I get many  made this week, aren't going to have much talking going on.  Unless, of course, the voice makes a decent comeback.  

In the meantime, I'll be thinking of what's coming next.  You know, for the new year.  I've some plans already.  Here's hoping 2015 is gonna be a good one!

Enjoy!  (^.^)v

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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Updates: I'm Still Here! (The Excuses for Lack of FitVlogs)

Here they are!  My lame, and not so lame, excuses for falling off the fitness wagon (yet again).

Actually, I just finished a monstrous amount of, well, paperwork of sorts.  And I've researched a subject to near exhaustion.  I hope I filled out the forms right!

More on all of that later.  There's a process that needs to take place before I discuss it at all.

For now, enjoy these vids and whatever vids that follow.

Take care out there! (^.^)v

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Thursday, December 04, 2014

FitVlog #41 Getting Back to Fit & Nature!

Yeah, I get a little blue during the holiday season.  It's starting to show up in my vids.  Just keeping it real.  haha!

There's hope, yet, though.  I show how a nice walk lifted my spirits a bit.  It's the little things.  Oh, and there's some nature!  Bob Woodruff Park in Plano, Texas.  Nice place, that is.  My favorite part of the vid!

Enjoy! (^.^)v

Video and stills captured using Samsung Galaxy S5.

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Replacing an Electric Water Heater--How We Did It! | DIY

It took about a week or so of planning (and of having enough money) to do this project.  But, at last, we completed the replacement of our electric water heater.  This video shows some of what we went through.

Not all steps are shown, however.  We both, Fargo and me, worked on this project and sometimes the camera didn't get turned on.  Even so, I think it's a nice way to document yet another of our DIY projects.

It's a good idea for me to remind everyone to be careful if you decide to do a job like this yourself.  I have a little plumbing experience from years ago, so I do have some idea of what I'm doing.  But I am NOT a professional plumber, nor am I a professional electrician.  When in doubt, hire the pros!!  Otherwise, any work you do is entirely at your OWN risk!  Do your research and be careful!

Oh, and enjoy the vid. (^.^)v  


FitVlog #40 Updates & Fighting the Blues

This was the last FitVlog I posted to YouTube before Thanksgiving holiday.  In it, I'm clearly fighting the blues and general burnout. Ha!

Not much has changed, but I'll be resuming the INSANITY workout soon!  I'm determined to finish the program and move on to the next.  I'm not sure I'll record as much video of the next program I do.  I kind of think not many find the videos useful, though they do seem to help me see what progress I'm making or not making.  I'll be thinking on it.

In the meantime, enjoy the video, it may be the last of its kind!  (^.^)v

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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

FitVlogs #37-39!

Yep, I've been slacking off.  And not just here!

For some reason, probably just laziness  I've not moved on to the next Insanity workout.  It could be that it's over an hour long.  Something like 90 minutes long, I believe.  And I've just not had a lot of time these past few days.  I plan to get back to it tomorrow.  I really do.  There isn't quite as much going on the rest of the week, so there isn't much excuse!

In the meantime, here are the other FitVlogs I forgot to post!  You may notice I started to slack off on the last two.  The weather was supreme.  I just had to get out there and use it!  In the last vid, we played a bit of radio tag/hide 'n' seek.  In this game, we're all outfitted with a walkie talkie.  Some hiding happens with a little chatter on the radios, then a chase to the base.  Normally, we play before it gets as dark as it was in the vid.  Also, normally, we'd be in a much larger area, for optimal hiding to occur.  Still, a good time was had.  And, of course, I'm calling it a workout for that day!

Enjoy!  (^.^)v
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Tuesday, November 04, 2014

FitVlogs #33-36! INSANITY Stuff!

The beat goes on~~
Enjoy! (^.^)v

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Video edited with Movie Studio Platinum 13.0.

Friday, October 24, 2014

FitVlog #32--Max Cardio Conditioning~INSANITY!

More intense working out has been happening around here.  This is Thursday's workout!  It was actually a bit of fun.

Enjoy! (^.^)v

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Video capture with GoPro Hero3 Black and Samsung Galaxy S5


Thursday, October 23, 2014

FitVlog #31 The FUN Never Ends! Max Interval Plyo--INSANITY!

There might be a thing or two to say about this workout.  I'll just keep it simple, though.  Enjoy the vid! (^.^)v
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Video captured with GoPro Hero3 Black and Samsung Galaxy S5.
Video edited with Movie Studio Platinum 13.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

FitVlog #30--Max Interval Circuit--INSANITY!--OUCH!!

Well, this happened...
Now, I'm off to bed to prepare for tomorrow's workout!  (^.^)v
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Video captured with GoPro Hero3 Black and Samsung Galaxy S5.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

FitVlog #29 INSANITY, The FitTest & Feeling Discouraged

Well, here we are again.  Plugging away at the Insanity program!

Yes, Recovery Week is over.  I enjoyed it!  But, I've missed the routine of the more intense workouts.  No doubt, this second month of Insanity will not disappoint.  In fact, I hope I make it through!

I've heard stories.  They aren't pretty.

And so, here's the video of the FitTest that I'm to do every couple of weeks.  I think I must have missed one!  In any case, in the video are the stats of one of the FitTests I did early on with today's stats.  Not much improvement was seen.  Perhaps, it's because I was in fairly decent shape to begin with.  Or maybe I'd better get a move on!

Today was an emotional one.  Doubts were filling my head that I'll ever finish this program.  And even if I do finish, will I be in good shape?  Somehow I pushed through the excuses and exhaustion.  It's difficult to give yourself a pep talk, sometimes, when you're working out alone.  I recommend finding a group to workout with.  Seriously.  Or talk to me.  :)  We can help each other!  I mean that.  Just some words of encouragement are great.

Enjoy the video!  (^.^)v
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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

ALIENWARE 14 Unboxing & Review

I'm a little late posting this video, since I've using the laptop for a couple of weeks now.  But the Alienware 14 still excites me!  After all, I've been wanting one of these for a while.

In the video, I show the unboxing and give a little review of what I've discovered about the machine so far.  There are some quirky things I've discovered along the way, but nothing earth-shattering.  If nothing else, it makes it more interesting and gives me new things to do.

So, I guess I'm satisfied with this laptop.  To be sure, it's one of the best I've owned.  It should be, considering the cost of the thing!  (O.o)

There's probably some points I forgot to make in the video.  Partly, this is because I hadn't yet realized how amazing the sound system is, particularly with headphones on, when I made the video.  I've also learned to navigate Windows 8.1 loads better and quite like some of its features.  No doubt, I'll come across more things to consider about this setup in the future.

In the meantime, enjoy the vid! (^.^)v  

Friday, October 03, 2014

A Little Storm

Okay.  Yes, I know.  I'm supposed to be posting daily FitVlogs until Insanity is fini!

I had full intention of doing that yesterday, but a storm rolled in.  And me being me, I had to capture it on video.  One never knows what the weather may do.  What if I missed some big happening up there in the sky?  We wouldn't want that.

And so, I bolted down the GoPro Hero3 and commenced to filming the churning green, gray and pink clouds as they blew into town.  I also caught a little of the action on the Samsung Galaxy S5.  It was fun.  I just love the rain!

Enjoy the vid!  (^.^)v

P.S.  There will be a slew of FitVlogs to follow this post.  Just not yet.  I need a nap.  (e.o)

Friday, September 26, 2014

FitVlogs!! #19-#21

Okay.  This is crazy.  I know, I know.

I've resumed the Insanity workout program!  Not only that, I thought it'd be fun to vlog about it every day.  To keep myself accountable, that is.  What was I thinking?!

So far, so good.  But I know there will be something that trips me up.  haha!  It's inevitable.

As I'm typing, FitVlog #22 is uploading.  That'll have to be a separate post, I guess.  But for this post, since I've forgotten to put my latest vids here, I thought I'd cram a few of them all together.

I suppose there isn't much more to say about them.  Check them out if you like.  And thanks! :)

Coming soon is an unboxing vid.  Yep, I have, somehow, acquired an Alienware laptop!  This ought to be fun!

Take care out there!  (^.^)v
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Thursday, September 11, 2014

A Morning Drive to Irving Texas: On the Road to Freedom

It seems I've been doing a lot of driving videos.  The reason for that is, we've been doing a lot of driving!

The latest adventure was perhaps the most important one so far.  It'll lead to even more adventures in the future.  This because new doors have been opened since Fargo became a U.S. citizen.

In the video, there is a long drive to Irving, Texas, where the Oath Ceremony is held.  I left most of the long drive in the video for a reason, it's symbolic.  This journey to citizenship has been a very long one.  It has taken nearly two decades to reach this point.  That and lots of paperwork, money and waiting.  Suspense-filled waiting.

I could say more about this event, because it is no simple thing.  For now, I'll let it be and learn how to relax a little.

Take care out there! (^.^)v

*Driving video captured with GoPro Hero 3 Black.  
*Still shots captured with Samsung Galaxy S5.

Friday, September 05, 2014

FitVlog #18 Mini Adventure Bike Ride--Cycling the Suburban Maze

My golly there's been a lot of chaos around here!  Sooo, I hopped on the bike to meditate.  ;)

I don't say much in this FitVlog #18.  No need.  It did feel good to get back out there and fight the wind.

Enjoy the ride!
Take care out there!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

What IS IT?! A Short and True Mystery

The other evening, Big Daughter sent a series of disturbing texts my way.

I laughed, but nervously.  There was truly a mystery in the trunk of her car.  We may never know what the thing was that she found, or how it came to be there.  It was an oddity, to be sure.

Someone knows.  (^.~)
Just not us.

This short video shows the thing in question.  I captured it on my phone (Galaxy S5), making jokes to lighten the mood.  The whole event was strange.  Join us in suspense!

Take care out there!  (^.^)v  

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Sooo, my son was nominated by a sweet friend of his to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.  He really, really, REALLY wanted to accept the challenge.  Lil Daughter thought it would be fun, too!  Fun?!

I explained to the children what the challenge was for and why everyone was doing it.  To raise awareness about what  amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is,  and to help support education and research by encouraging donations to the ALS Association (

By the way, I know there are some out there who discourage making donations to the ALSA because they feel the funds are used inappropriately.  You can find more information about how funds are utilized on their website at .  I know that when I made a donation to the ALSA, I was able to choose the option to have my money go to research only.  I realize that if you do not choose that option, your money may go to administrative costs, educational costs, among other things.
Here is their financial information for this year:

Having said that, please enjoy the video.  The kiddos enjoyed making it.  (^.^)v

Friday, August 22, 2014

Quick Update! Trolls? & GoPro Issues

My usual topics for videos are changing, somewhat.  I think it's because we've been busy with a whole bunch of unusual things!  I'll not go into detail here, just yet, but it's all true.

So, in this update on the goings on, I briefly mention a drive to Irving, Texas, with some video of the trip.  We'd had some business to tend to there.  More on that later... much later, in a whole other post, even.

I also chat a bit about my curiosity with the comment section.  Some of my vids have been visited by potential trolls.  Not altogether a bad thing, but I wonder if I'm truly at the point in vid-making to earn me some trolls!  haha!

Oh, and the other thing I talk about is my beloved GoPro Hero3.  I think it's got some issues.  On the drive to Irving, the camera kept shutting itself off and it felt very hot to the touch.  There was no temperature notice on the camera, so I'm just guessing that it's overheating for some reason.  I've since updated the firmware.  I'll give the GoPro a go very soon to see if that fixed it.  By the way, there are videos about this very issue, the overheating, that is.  Some suggest there may be a foil-backed sticker touching the battery leads.  This was not the case with my GoPro, so it must be something else.  I've had this camera for a while with no issues and really love it.  Here's hoping the problem is solved quickly so I can get back on the road!  

Alrighty, that about does it.

Enjoy the vid!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Road Trip! Wichita Mountains Oklahoma

At last!  We made it to the mountains!

I have to admit, this little road trip was much too short for my liking.  A person needs more than a day to see the Wichita Mountains.  Well, this person, anyway.  haha!  I didn't even get to hike some of my favorite trails.  

In the video, you'll see the back roads most familiar to me, on the way to the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge.  Somehow, I ran out of space on my GoPro, right when we got to Mt. Scott.  No worries, I came prepared, and captured the rest of the action on my Galaxy S5 phone.

As always, the drive up Mt. Scott makes me a little nervous.  Something about the dizzying height and the edge of the road that appears to drop away suddenly.  It's just a small mountain, but one of my favorites.  The view from the top is lovely.  Turkey vultures, or black vultures, circle the mountaintop all day, it seems.  A person might not think a vulture could be beautiful, but when you see them soar, well, they are quite a sight!

The view was breathtaking.  There were rain shafts off in the distance.  I think I could sit on the rocks all day and watch the world.  It's a peaceful place.

I've only captured a tiny glimpse of the Wichita Mountains.  There is so much more to see!  Next time we hope to bike around the park.  I'm not sure if we'll give Mt. Scott a go, though.  Did you see those cyclists going up that mountain!?  Wow!

I hope you enjoy the vid!  Take care out there! (^.^)v   

FitVlog #17!

Yeah, I know it's a little late for this FitVlog #17.  Nevertheless, here it is.  My last update on the exercise I've been (or not been) doing.  It's a good reminder to get back on track soon!

If you're interested in any of the workout programs we've been doing, check out my website to learn more:
Thanks! :)

Thursday, August 07, 2014

Road Trip: Lake Murray, Oklahoma

One of my favorite things ever is a decent road trip.  I've probably mentioned that fact several times in this blog.  A long drive is the nicest way to clear one's mind, to be sure.  

To be considered "decent", a road trip must consist of a drive that is at least 2 hours long... one way, that is.  Our recent drive to Lake Murray in Oklahoma certainly qualifies.  Particularly, since there's a lovely view when we reach point B.

Now, you know I'm going to have to make another journey very soon.  It's the way it goes.  Once you take one drive, you're itching to get to the next.  At least that's how it is for me!

Enjoy the vid of our latest travels.  Take care out there!

(btw... the vid was captured on the GoPro Hero3 Black Edition... ;)

Review: Superior One Roofing

It's been about 2 months since we had the shingles replaced on our roof.  A hail storm came earlier in the year, so the roof took quite a beating, apparently.

I say "apparently" for good reason.  I don't have much faith in roofing companies these days.  I'll just leave it at that.  :(

Let me know what you think of the roofing job we got from Superior One Roofing out of Irving, Texas.

Thanks for checking out the video.
Take care out there!

FitVlog #16--More Insanity!

I can't believe how late I am in posting this one!

At the moment, FitVlog #17 is being uploaded to YouTube as I'm typing.  It's pretty much more of the same Insanity.  haha!

I guess, I'll just let the video speak for itself.
Enjoy! (^.^)v

Oh, and if you're interested in Insanity or any other Beachbody product, check out my website

Thursday, July 10, 2014

This is INSANITY! FitVlog #15

I finally got around to starting Insanity!

In this, the 15th installment of FitVlog, you'll see a little sample of one of the most challenging Beachbody workouts I've done so far.  You might not be able to tell from my pitiful attempt at doing this program, but it is TOUGH!

So what is Insanity?

Let me tell you a little about it.  First, it's a 60 day program of intense cardio.  The workouts are about 40-60 minutes long, depending on where you are on the schedule.  Did I mention the cardio is intense?  The exercises are designed to work your whole body.  Trust me, you'll feel it!  The warm-up alone is just as difficult as the entire workout.  It's about 10 minutes long.  I've yet to make it all the way through the warm-up without stopping.  (O.o)

Stay tuned to see more videos of me attempting to complete each workout.  It's only going to take me a couple of months.  We'll see how it goes!

Oh!  If you're curious about Insanity and want to try it for yourself, check out my page here:
Or click the banner below.    

Also, if you have any questions or comments, send me a message.  I'd love to hear from you! :)

Okay, as for the rest of what I'm doing to get myself back into some kind of shape...
The diet.  It needs a little tweak.

Yes, I'm a vegetarian.  But, that doesn't mean I'm fit and healthy.  You can be a vegetarian and still nosh on cookies, crackers and candy.  And if you do that, like I have been, you're probably not going to be at your healthiest.

Healthy alternatives?
My plan is to stock up on the fruit and veggies.  I don't plan on being a raw vegan, however.  The reason is, it's just too expensive!  And good fruit is hard to come by.  Instead, I'll incorporate some cooked rice, pasta and potatoes.  Also, I'll avoid having fats, dairy and too much salt.   All of these goodies will be enough to keep me full and energized.  Yep, no shortage of carbs for me.  I look forward to feeling even better than ever!

I hope my experience inspires and motivates you to take charge of your own health.  Eat better and move!
Take care out there! (^.^)v

Thursday, July 03, 2014

Bike Ride to Allen USA Celebration 2014

Allen, Texas likes to celebrate our country's independence in a big way!  

On June 28th, the city of Allen put on one of its biggest events of the year.  The Allen USA Celebration 2014!  The headlining group this year, Pentatonix!  Who is Pentatonix?  Check them out on YouTube here:  PTXofficial  
As usual, we loaded up the bike trailer with kiddos, jumped on our bikes, and headed towards the big party.  All in effort to avoid parking issues and traffic.  Well, that, and it's just a fun way to travel.  And even though the air was heavy, humid, and sticky that night, I pretty much always enjoy a bike ride.  

I suppose I wasn't prepared to see so many people.  This year over 90,000 attended.  Quite a sight!

We missed out on most of the activities there.  I saw things for the kiddos to do, including a rock wall to climb.  Of course, there was lots of food!  Yep, we missed out on most of that.  Partly because we showed up a bit late, and partly because it's expensive!  (O.o)

You know what...I'll just show you the movie~~  Enjoy! (^.^)v

By the way, the video was captured with a Samsung Galaxy S5 and a GoPro Hero3 Black Edition. (^.~)d

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

1000 Eyes in the Dark & Other Silly Things

Alrighty, let's get to it!

We got new phones.  Finally!  As much as I enjoyed the old iPhone 4 (when I first got it), its temperamental behavior and self-inflicted screen cracks had me a bit concerned.  Not to mention that pesky power button that only worked up until the warranty was out.  (cringe)

Now I'm the proud owner of a Samsung Galaxy S5.  It's screen is much larger than the iPhone 4, to be sure.  Funny thing, now that I've had it a while, it doesn't seem all that big!  haha!  Maybe I should've gone for the Mega!  Hmph...  Maybe next time.

So, what was the first thing I did with the GS5?  Well, make a video of course!
And here it is, the first vid taken with my phone.  Maybe someday I'll figure out all the features the phone has and make something truly grand.  (^.~)d


Time for Adventure--Back to Nature

Recent whirlwind events of late have created a need for escape.  You know what I mean.  The road trip type of escape.  Just a little adventure, an experience separate from the normal routine.  

Sadly, we weren't able to take a long road journey.  It's been a while since we could do such a thing.  Even so, we have skills.  Adventure creating skills.

Just around the corner we went, and visited Bob Woodruff Park in Plano, Texas.  

The two little kiddos tagged along, though they questioned the whole excursion.  After all, scary things could happen on that nature trail!  haha!  They're probably right, I suppose.  Danger could be lurking, after all.  But what fun would it be were we to fear that unknown around the bend?  

And do you know, those kiddos can't wait to go back!  

Enjoy the journey~~


Saturday, June 14, 2014

Lost in Dallas & Over 1400 Grads

I'm attempting to write this post on a Samsung Galaxy S5, so please bear with me.  Ha!  Speaking of which, the Blogger app for Android is pretty much, well, horrendous.  Thus, I've gone straight to the Chrome browser.  We'll see how it goes.

On to the vid!

It wasn't too long ago (last Friday, to be exact) that we made a trip to the Big D.  We got lost en route to our final destination, of course, but what sort of adventure would it be without poor navigation on my part!  Just sayin'.

The purpose of our journey, to attend the high school graduation of our eldest daughter.  What a sight it was!  Probably one of the largest graduating classes of its kind in the state of Texas (or maybe anywhere).  The ceremony itself was indeed a long one, as each student's name was called. More than 1,400 of them.  Still, it was quite an honor to watch each of them walk.  What an amazing group of kiddos!  A memorable night, indeed.

When all was done, back to the road and to a path unknown.  Like I said, getting lost is just part of the fun! ;)

Congratulations, Class of 2014!
(^.^) v

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

FitVlog #14 Exercise is a Walk in the Park

At last, I got to swim!

Pretty much, I live to swim in the summer.  This year, the pool was ready early, so I'm getting a head start.

You'll see me giving the pool a little cleaning in the vid.  You'll also see little tidbits from a long morning walk.  Complete with pics of the park and some ducks!  Baby ducks!  Who can resist?  haha!

In effort to start off the week on a good foot, to head off some of the impending stress and that sort of thing, I crammed in lots of fun activities into a very short time.  Mostly swimming.  And a touch of lawn mowing.  Some walking.  And general goofing off.  Busy, but enjoyable.  The whole lot!

It's important to keep moving.  What good is it, though, if you're not having any fun?  So every now and again, I'll take a break from the scheduled programs, and just dance!

Take care out there!

Friday, May 30, 2014

FitVlog Update #13

Whirlwind week this has been!  Next week won't be much calmer!

And so, I thought it'd be a good idea to make a quick post about the fitness goings on, or lack thereof.

I've always told myself that fitness was a lifestyle--it has to be part of my life.  Even though I've been too busy to do the workout programs, I have managed to get some exercise in.  One thing being squats.  I can do them anytime I'm having to stand around waiting for something.  It doesn't sound like much, I know.  But have you done some squats, lately?  haha!

The big plan is to get through the craziness of next week's end-of-school parties and the big graduation ceremony.  And when I say big, I really mean it!  I think there are over 1,400 students in my daughter's graduating class.  It'll be pretty amazing, I'm sure!  I don't know when I'll get a decent amount of exercise with all the goings on, though I plan to get at least a bit.

Okee... The plan is to resume P90X3 and TurboFire.  Also, I want to introduce Insanity!!  I can't wait!

I feel like there was something else to mention... I just can't remember.  haha!  It's been that kinda week.  (^.~)

Oh, and since this is a short FitVlog, I thought it would be fun to mess around with the vid editor.  It makes me look bald and a lil strange.  Which is fine.  I've always been a tad odd!  hahaha!  I'm using Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 12 to create the, shall we say, "ambiance", by the way.

More later~~
Take care!

Monday, May 26, 2014

Replacing Front Brake Pads on a '98 Chevy Tahoe 4x4

This last week, we drove around on squealing wheels.  Yep, the brake pads were worn out and letting us know about it!

Since we are a frugal lot, we knew our hands would soon be quite filthy.  So we did a bit of research and set out to fix the brakes ourselves.  Which you will see in the video.

Now, mind you, we aren't professionals in the least!  But we did manage to get the brake pads changed and everything is working quite well.  However, do this type of work at your own risk.  If you have any doubts, find a pro to handle the task for you.

To be sure, had we loads of money, we would have paid someone to do the job.  This, purely because of the time involved.  We burned a whole day working on the truck!  Still, I do enjoy trying to fix things on our own.  Especially when all goes well!

Project done.  Mission complete.

I need a nap~~

Take care out there!  (^.^)v

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

My (mini) FitVlog Update #12

It's going to get crazy this week!  So I thought I'd better post an update, just in case I run out of time later.

This is a short one.  I was in the parking lot at Macy's, about to buy a dress, and had a few minutes to say a thing or two.  I hate shopping!  Has that been mentioned before?  haha!

Anyhow, this Friday is an orchestra banquet.  My eldest daughter's last one, since she's graduating high school this June.  I've never been to one of these banquets.  It's a special occasion, needing special attire.  Finding a dress that fits the event and my backside is difficult.  Particularly, for me!  Oh, did I mention, I don't like shopping? (^.~)  Even so, I found a little something.  It's black (of course) and fairly simple.  I may need to sparkle it up with jewelry or some-such thing.  You'll see a blurry fine pic of it in the video. haha!  That's the best I could do with the iPhone~~because I was too lazy to get out the good camera.

As for the fitness aspect of the video, there are no workout clips this time.  We are doing the same stuff as last week.  However, it's worth noting, I am improving on the push ups.  I feel much stronger than I did on Day 1 of the P90X3 program.  The only thing I haven't noticed is very much weight loss.  I know I'm toning up, but I feel as though some additional cardio will be needed.  It may be time to bring out the mother of all cardio workouts~~ INSANITY!  (O.o)  It's just the thing to do.  I'll keep you posted.

Enjoy the video! (^.^)v        

Thursday, May 08, 2014

My FitVlog Update #11

At long last, I've rounded up and pieced together video for my FitVlog Update #11!

We are well into P90X3 now--in the midst of Phase 2, no less.  So far, I'm liking what I see.  The 30-minute workouts are proving to be fun and challenging all the same.  My favorite so far, MMX, which is inspired by MMA (mixed martial arts).  It's sort of like P90X's KenpoX, only better!

First of all, MMX is shorter than KenpoX.  But that's not where the awesomeness lies.  It's a heart-pounding get-off-yer-behind kinda workout.  I love the challenge!

Don't get me wrong, there's still a special place in my heart for KenpoX.  I'm just thinking KenpoX is gonna be a cakewalk after MMX.  Jis sayin'. (O.o)

Enjoy the video! (^.^)v

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Lightning Show

A few days ago, a nice little thunderstorm rolled past our town, just to the south.  In it, there was plenty of lightning to give us a good show.  Just the lights, no sound.  So in silence, I filmed the event with the GoPro Hero3 Black Edition.  I had to zoom in using the video editor, which may have affected the quality, but still.  I also had a difficult time knowing when to stop filming.  The thunderstorm was slow moving, making the light show last!  

Note to self:  I may need to use the Canon Vixia for future lightning shows.  The Vixia can do the zooming for me and the vid quality might be a bit better in low light.  We'll see.

There's not much else to say about the vid.  Well, except I love watching it!  haha!  Somehow, the music seems to just fit.  It's a long-ish video, but I didn't dare speed it up in the editor.  It's fun to see how active the atmosphere was all on its own.

Enjoy! (^.^)v


Friday, April 18, 2014

My FitVlog #10

Yes, I've had to resort to numbering the FitVlogs.  I can't ever remember what day I'm on!  haha!

With that, here it is...
I should elaborate a bit, but I've been up all night and I may utter complete nonsense.

Alrighty, this vlog contains more speedy workout video done by me.  This time it's TurboFire, one of my absolute favorite programs.  It's been so long since I've been able to do this, what with the injury and all.

I also talk a bit about my new shoes.  The ASICS Gel-Craze TRs.  So far, they are the only sport shoes I've worn that seem to really support my feet, and part of the reason I'm able to get back to TurboFire.  They're snug, cushy, and stabilizing.  Love them!  Who knows?  I may even be able to go for a jog in them one day.

And there are other a few other things mentioned.  Pretty much, I'm trying to stay motivated and encouraged.  One way to do that is to not compare my fitness journey with the journeys of others, even though I certainly wish everyone success!  It seems, though, this time around I'm having a harder time achieving my goals.  It's a process, to be sure.  I'm still learning what my weaknesses are and how to overcome them.

Another struggle I have is watching myself in these FitVlogs.  I'm still trying to get used to seeing myself looking the way I do in the videos.  I don't feel like I look.  If that makes any sense.  I do realize the camera is a bit wonky.  It has a fish-eye distortion.  So my skinny ankles look even skinnier, and my feet look really tiny!  hahaha!  Unfortunately, the camera emphasizes my midsection in an unflattering way.  I should film using the Canon Vixia instead of the GoPro, I suppose.  It'll just be more difficult to see what I'm doing, since my filming space is so small.  Either the top or the bottom will be sacrificed.

First world problems.  I know.  It's ridiculous, really.

Moving on...

Enjoy the video! (^.^)v



Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Bloody Moon

Before I post my pathetic pic of the bloody blood moon, let me explain.

I'd almost forgotten completely about the event!  Shocking, I know.  Well, it is if you know me.  I love stuff in the sky.  The moon, stars, planets, thunderstorms.  Things like that are seriously amazing.  For me to miss an event up there is pretty rare.  When at last I learned of the event, it was late.  At first, I thought I'd already missed it.  Then I thought maybe I'd try to take pics with my phone.  hahahaha!  You really can't take a decent pic of the moon with a phone, I don't think.  Okay, well, not with my phone at least!  So where was my Nikon when I needed it~~

As it happened, my camera was in use by the eldest daughter.  Yes, she has her own--for our children, a good camera is practically standard issue.  But this time, she needed mine for a project.  Mine has a remote control, which seemed to be useful for her purposes.  And so, knowing my camera was likely in use and probably containing a memory card full of project stuff, I resigned myself to just let it go this time.  Maybe there'd be another blood moon.  I decided to go to bed.

But, you know me, I couldn't sleep.  My eyes stared up at dark shapes on the ceiling.  I peeked out the window and saw the beginning of the eclipse.  I waited a bit, my face hovering over my pillow, then checked again.  Half the moon was in shadow.  And then, there was only a sliver of white sparkling light, the rest of the moon shaded a deep orangey-reddish hue.  I couldn't stand it!  I jumped up, went to the daughter's room and snatched my camera off the tripod.  Not thinking to get the tripod, which was likely tangled up in wires and fabric anyway.  But I got the camera and proceeded to find my memory card, which was stowed away in my camera bag, which was in my closet, in the darkness!  Then to find a decent lens!  This went on and on.  Until at last, I had something suitable to shoot the moon with.    

Finally!  I rushed outside, into the cold night.  The cold, creepy, eerily silent night.  Where were my pants?!  Nevermind that.  The moon.  I could see it through a frame of tree branches, a cinematic scene.  Is that music playing?  I snapped off a few shots, that I wasn't satisfied with, when the memory card claimed to be "FULL".  You must be joking. (^.~)  My eyes were bleary, maybe it was a mistake.

I tried deleting stuff.  Still, the card claimed fullness.  Egad.  Clearly I wasn't prepared for this.  Next time, I'll be ready.  ha!  It wasn't until much later that I learned the camera was set to take RAW images.  Images that take up all the space in the world.  The black hole of images, sucking up memory card space, unnecessarily, in my opinion.  I mean, normally, I don't need to shoot RAW, but there it was.  And so, this is all I could come up with of the bloody blood moon...




Sunday, April 13, 2014

Quick FitVlog Update--Week of April 7

This is FitVlog Update Day Something-ner-other!

I haven't looked at my fitness calendar, so I truly have no idea what day I'm on.  Maybe I should just start numbering the vlogs all cold-like, without feeling--"FitVlog #2" and so on.  It would be so much easier!

So, wherever I am on the journey, this particular video is very short.  I didn't include anything from our workouts, but that doesn't mean we haven't been doing them!  Actually, I do have some workout video.  I inadvertently put it on the external drive and forgot about it.  Maybe some of it will show up on the next update.  Though, like mentioned, there's nothing to see here.  Move along.  hahaha!

In other news... of the video-ing sort...
I'm still trying to figure out the best way to edit videos, so that posting can happen quickly and more frequently.  Loads of times, I've filmed a thing and neglected to post it, having missed the opportunity to get it out to the world in a timely manner.  So it may sit, untouched, on some dusty storage device, or get deleted and altogether forgotten.  Not to say every video I make has value, but still.

Today, there's a storm brewing.  The GoPro is charged and ready.  If I capture anything interesting, I'll practice efficient editing skills, maybe getting a new video posted by tomorrow morning?

We'll see!


Friday, April 04, 2014

Spring Storm & Driving

Yesterday, we had what was probably our first big storm of the season.  So I thought it might be neat to capture the storm's arrival, via the GoPro, whilst I drove around town picking people up, and whatnot.  I know I enjoy watching videos of others driving around either by car or by bike.  I don't know why, exactly.  Perhaps, I feel as though I'm living through those who travel roads unfamiliar to me.  Maybe people might enjoy seeing my driving video for the same reason.  So here it is~~  

Other towns in our area had tornadoes and rather large hail (the size of baseballs).  Our town's storm was mild in comparison.  Still, it looked creepy enough and storm sirens did sound at one point.  Which is what ended my video taking of the event.  I wasn't sure if we were due for a tornado ourselves!  Younglings had to be rounded up and sheltered, just in case.

Yep.  This is just the beginning of spring weather events.  I hope to capture more video of future storms, though I know I'll need to be more careful.  I've a tendency to become enthralled with watching the sky twist and turn.  Lightning fascinates me, too!  Surely driving around in such weather isn't all that wise.  haha!  Still, I just like it so much!

As for other goings on, there will be a FitVlog soon-ish!  I need to record more video of the workouts.  I skipped a week or so of recording because the workouts were repeating, and I don't think we'd improved all that much in those couple o' weeks.  I'm currently piecing together video of the last week's workouts.  They are repeat workouts, but I think I'm noticing some improvements! Maybe, I think.  (^.~)

More to come!  Stay tuned!


Saturday, March 29, 2014

Touching Base~~A Bit of Rambling

I don't know why I chose the pic of the ice-burned ivy leaf.  It could be that I've not picked up the proper camera in several months, thus I've resorted to using whatever current image found in my phone's pic album.  It's a thing, posting something most recent, no matter what the subject.

Perhaps it does fit the mood.  A bit of a rottenness, a blemish.  Though not enough to spoil the whole of the thing.  And the leaf still lives, clinging in defiance to its vine.  Sorta like me, I guess.  Anyone who knows me well can vouch for my stubbornness.  And I just keep on living.  Take that cruel world!  HaHaHaa! (^.~)

I'll get to the point (sort of)...

All week, I've known I need to update the FitVlog.  And I will.  I'm just late.  Terribly.  It's an issue with a previous video causing the hesitation.  Remember this post Nothing But a Thing ?  The video mentioned in the post is still in limbo, due to yet another copyright claim~~they pop up like mushrooms.  Funny thing, this particular claimant (IODA) is connected to Sony in some way.  After some investigating, I found the artist who provided the royalty free music used in the video is also connected with Sony, and he gave me permission to use the music.  Now, I can no longer find the music on the stock media site I got it from (, though I do hold a license to use it.  Is this proof enough?

All I know, it's taking forever to get the claim released, it seems, which has me a bit worried.  I feel confident in my dispute, but the powers that be may go against me.  The next course of action is unclear.  Maybe it doesn't seem like a big deal at the moment, but I suspect it could be.  And, really, YouTube is what I enjoy doing.  For now, at least.  Why would I want to mess that up?

As I type this, I'm in the zone.  Headphones clamped to my head with sounds of peace streaming out of them.  This time it is a four hour long playlist.  Do I need that long to say a thing? haha!  It is common practice for me to seek out long stretches of music to help focus or inspire thoughts.  Most of the music I've not heard prior to clicking play.  What I'm hearing now is lovely, so far.  Aren't we lucky they've chosen to share it with us so freely?

I just had a thought, were I writing this on paper, there'd be scrawling and sketches all about.  Things circled, highlighted and colored.  It would be a fun thing to be able to write select-able text freehand, while maintaining its "freehand" appearance.  I've created my own font, but that's not quite the same thing.  I'd like to be able to save the scrawlings, too, in this digital blogging-type format.  Something tells me this is possible somewhere.  I just haven't discovered it yet.

This reminds me of my neglected websites, where I used to make things like webpages with my sketches and raw freehand style, amongst other experimental things.  So much of that fun stuff was lost when I changed hosting plans.  Well, not lost, just saved in external hard drive aether.  When I've more time (soon, I hope) I need to work on those websites.  Pity not to use them for something.  So many fun things to do, so little time!

~~Ohh...I've come to a spot in the music where they've mixed in soft sounds of rain.  Nice.~~

Moving right along...
Yes, there will be a FitVlog update.  I'll be filming more of the workouts starting later today.  After a bit of sleep, which I've not yet had.  (O.o)  As I mentioned once, somewhere, the workouts have been repeating each week~~we are starting to get good at them.  Which of course means they'll soon change and get more difficult!

Also, I need to make some tutorials.  Viewers have mentioned the bracelets I wore in my ring tutorial and wanted a video about them.  I think I'll do that.  Just need to get focused.  Pull my gaze from the clouds, calm the inner storm of uncertainty.  Soon.

So much to do, so little time~~ (^.^)v




Monday, March 17, 2014

Galaxy Nails Inspired by Cosmos

Alright, I know I don't have the most fabulous nails to be painting fancy things on.  Still, on occasion, I do like to do a bit of funky with them.  This is one such occasion.

As you may know by now, I like space stuff.  So why not paint a sort of star field nebula-like thing on the fingers?  Especially since the Cosmos reboot has me inspired!

By the way, why don't we have more programs like Cosmos?!  It would seem many of us hunger for this type of show.  Instead, we are kept in a darkness and "entertained" by pseudo-reality shows and those with twisted plot-lines involving the gritty lowest of the low.  There surely is room for something that inspires a greater wonder in all our minds.  What else could keep us young, but wonder?

Oh well.  This was to be about nail varnish.  That looks spacey.  What could be better? (^.~)
Enjoy! (^.^)v


Monday, March 10, 2014

FitVlog Day 42 Update!

Video from Day 42 of my fitness journey!

Things have been going along pretty well so far.  We've completed a week or so of P90X3, which I talk about in the vid.  Also, I show a super quick montage of some of the workouts we did.

Lately, we've been a bit busy with loads of other goings on, thus a couple of workout days have been sacrificed.  No worries...  We'll be back at it soon enough!

Along with the FitVlog vids, I'm currently working on a short tutorial of sorts.  This one is about a nail polish look inspired by the cosmos.  The polish is beautiful, though I don't think the video does it justice.  No matter, the tutorial is meant to be fun and lighthearted.  It's coming soon, I hope!

In the meantime, enjoy the FitVlog!
Take care! (^.^)v    

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

FitVlog Update Day 30!

Yep!  I'm still at it.  Well, for the most part.

There have been a couple of items slowing me down a bit.  In my latest FitVlog, I talk about those little setbacks and how I'm trying to overcome them.  One of them being the dreaded stomach bug that makes its rounds a couple (or a few) times each year.  (O.o)  Yes, I'd like to avoid that.  And maybe I can!  See the vid to find out how! (^.~)

Also, we've started a new workout.  P90X3 is here!  Even though the workouts are half as long as P90X, it's still kicking my booty.  Video of our feeble attempts to do the exercises is coming soon.

In the meantime, here's my update.  Enjoy!

My goodness!  I look pale in this vid.  Summer can't come soon enough!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Nothing But a Thing

Today's post is brought to you by Increasingly Annoyed.  Ha!

I wasn't going to do this, but it's probably worth documenting the events.  It may happen that I delete the post in the future.  Who knows?

Alrighty, let's get to the crux of the situation.

In my last post, I shared my latest YouTube video.  I spent a little time putting that together, as I do all of my videos.  I also take extra care to make sure all elements of my videos are legal to use.  Which is why I'm a bit perplexed and becoming increasingly annoyed. :)

The problem started when I used a piece of royalty free music in my video.  It was immediately hit with three copyright claims made by companies that I later found are somehow linked.  Zimbalam, Audiam, and Believe.  Zimbalam and Audiam released their claim on the music, but Believe has yet to do so.  Strange, isn't it?  Particularly strange since the music in question is not even the same as the songs those companies claim it to be!

Here's my theory, the original artist put their music up for royalty free use on the site .  Other artists grabbed it, mashed it, mixed it and twisted it for their own use, including for monetary gain.  Those artists then claimed their mix as their very own creation and put it in the catalog.  You know, that catalog that YouTube's magical algorithms tap into right before you get hit with a copyright notice~~even an erroneous one. (^.~)

I'm going to own my naivety and say, it isn't the fault of the artists, or the record labels, or any of the companies I named above.  I'd like to think the problem is in the system that's set up to protect the interests of the original and legitimate copyright holders.  Yeah, that's it.  We'll blame the magical program for being a little, tad bit faulty.  (sigh)

Still, there's this tiny needle pricking my brain telling me there is something a touch more sinister going on.  I've continually come across several comments regarding at least one of the above-mentioned companies in YouTube forums and even on the company's Facebook page about their making false copyright claims on music and video.  I've also heard whisperings (and out-right vulgar shoutings) about other entities intentionally making false claims on videos solely for the purpose of making money off of them.  This concerns me, of course, because if they can get away with this, they can either earn revenue off of my videos or they can affect my good standing with YouTube.

So you'd think, just don't use any music in your videos, right?  Oddly enough, some are getting hit with copyright notices from music labels even when their videos don't contain any music!  That's got to be frustrating.

Oh, I forgot to mention.  I may have to wait an entire month to see if they drop the claim on my video.  If they don't release it, my video could get pulled.  It puts a damper on things, to be sure.

Okay.  Time for a deep cleansing breath.  Gahhhh.... !   (O.o)

It's out of my system.  I'll be working on a new video soon, being super careful about its contents.
Haha!  It should be a fun one.  We have a new workout to try~~>P90X3!

If you are curious about the workouts we are doing, check us out on YouTube, also feel free to peruse my website at , or even send me a message on Facebook.   

Take care out there! (^.^)v

UPDATE:  After reviewing my message to them, the music company Believe has released the copyright claim on my video.  Yay!
Now back to our regularly scheduled program.  (^.~)  


Thursday, February 13, 2014

FitVlog Days 4-16!

I wasn't going to post the newest video here yet, due to certain circumstances that shall not be mentioned at this time.  But... here it is, FitVlog Days 4-16!!  I'll elaborate more on this video, and the new exciting stuff that will be coming soon to my FitVlog world, in the next post!  So stay tuned for that. (^.~)d

In the meantime, enjoy~~

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

FitVlog Reboot Day 2!--Kenpo P90X Style

In this, the next installment of FitVlog (Day 2), we attempt P90X KenpoX.  But, pretty much, we just goofed off... a LOT!  Haha!  (sigh)  It cracks me up just thinking about it.

KenpoX has always been one of my favorite workouts from P90X.  In the beginning of it all, somewhere between the first few rounds of the program, I felt so tough punching and kicking.  Now, I'm beginning to question how well these moves would work in the real world.  I still love this workout.  It gives me a decent cardio experience and I do actually break a sweat smack dab in the middle of it!

Enjoy! (^.^)v  

Sunday, January 26, 2014

FitVlog Reboot Day 1--P90X!

Well, I said I was gonna do it!

So here it is.  A little sample of what P90X has to offer.  Now let's see how long I can keep this particular program up.  Especially since the new P90X3 has me salivating!  What to do? (O.o)

P90X workouts are typically an hour long.  P90X3 workouts, however, are half that.  The results, the same.  It's a no-brainer, really.  Looks like I'd better start saving some coin.  When I get it (P90X3 that is) I'll certainly share that bit of news!

Enjoy the vid!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

FitVlog Day ?~~ Excuses & Other Musings

I almost forgot to post the new video here!  Which is a bit strange, considering I think of this blog as a home base of sorts.  It's pretty much where it all started, after all.

At any rate, here it is.  My FitVlog update.  In this video, I explain how I've completely gone off the rails.  Lots of excuses ensue.  In my defense, at least one of them is valid.  haha!  And, of course, I do mention ways in which I'll crawl back onto the track (hopefully).  Mixed in with all this honesty and what all, a brief glimpse of our newest family member (of the feline kind) and talk of plans for a future bracelet-making tutorial.  I need to get started on that last one!

Enjoy! (^.^)v (peace)