Friday, April 04, 2014

Spring Storm & Driving

Yesterday, we had what was probably our first big storm of the season.  So I thought it might be neat to capture the storm's arrival, via the GoPro, whilst I drove around town picking people up, and whatnot.  I know I enjoy watching videos of others driving around either by car or by bike.  I don't know why, exactly.  Perhaps, I feel as though I'm living through those who travel roads unfamiliar to me.  Maybe people might enjoy seeing my driving video for the same reason.  So here it is~~  

Other towns in our area had tornadoes and rather large hail (the size of baseballs).  Our town's storm was mild in comparison.  Still, it looked creepy enough and storm sirens did sound at one point.  Which is what ended my video taking of the event.  I wasn't sure if we were due for a tornado ourselves!  Younglings had to be rounded up and sheltered, just in case.

Yep.  This is just the beginning of spring weather events.  I hope to capture more video of future storms, though I know I'll need to be more careful.  I've a tendency to become enthralled with watching the sky twist and turn.  Lightning fascinates me, too!  Surely driving around in such weather isn't all that wise.  haha!  Still, I just like it so much!

As for other goings on, there will be a FitVlog soon-ish!  I need to record more video of the workouts.  I skipped a week or so of recording because the workouts were repeating, and I don't think we'd improved all that much in those couple o' weeks.  I'm currently piecing together video of the last week's workouts.  They are repeat workouts, but I think I'm noticing some improvements! Maybe, I think.  (^.~)

More to come!  Stay tuned!


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