Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Bloody Moon

Before I post my pathetic pic of the bloody blood moon, let me explain.

I'd almost forgotten completely about the event!  Shocking, I know.  Well, it is if you know me.  I love stuff in the sky.  The moon, stars, planets, thunderstorms.  Things like that are seriously amazing.  For me to miss an event up there is pretty rare.  When at last I learned of the event, it was late.  At first, I thought I'd already missed it.  Then I thought maybe I'd try to take pics with my phone.  hahahaha!  You really can't take a decent pic of the moon with a phone, I don't think.  Okay, well, not with my phone at least!  So where was my Nikon when I needed it~~

As it happened, my camera was in use by the eldest daughter.  Yes, she has her own--for our children, a good camera is practically standard issue.  But this time, she needed mine for a project.  Mine has a remote control, which seemed to be useful for her purposes.  And so, knowing my camera was likely in use and probably containing a memory card full of project stuff, I resigned myself to just let it go this time.  Maybe there'd be another blood moon.  I decided to go to bed.

But, you know me, I couldn't sleep.  My eyes stared up at dark shapes on the ceiling.  I peeked out the window and saw the beginning of the eclipse.  I waited a bit, my face hovering over my pillow, then checked again.  Half the moon was in shadow.  And then, there was only a sliver of white sparkling light, the rest of the moon shaded a deep orangey-reddish hue.  I couldn't stand it!  I jumped up, went to the daughter's room and snatched my camera off the tripod.  Not thinking to get the tripod, which was likely tangled up in wires and fabric anyway.  But I got the camera and proceeded to find my memory card, which was stowed away in my camera bag, which was in my closet, in the darkness!  Then to find a decent lens!  This went on and on.  Until at last, I had something suitable to shoot the moon with.    

Finally!  I rushed outside, into the cold night.  The cold, creepy, eerily silent night.  Where were my pants?!  Nevermind that.  The moon.  I could see it through a frame of tree branches, a cinematic scene.  Is that music playing?  I snapped off a few shots, that I wasn't satisfied with, when the memory card claimed to be "FULL".  You must be joking. (^.~)  My eyes were bleary, maybe it was a mistake.

I tried deleting stuff.  Still, the card claimed fullness.  Egad.  Clearly I wasn't prepared for this.  Next time, I'll be ready.  ha!  It wasn't until much later that I learned the camera was set to take RAW images.  Images that take up all the space in the world.  The black hole of images, sucking up memory card space, unnecessarily, in my opinion.  I mean, normally, I don't need to shoot RAW, but there it was.  And so, this is all I could come up with of the bloody blood moon...




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