Thursday, April 24, 2014

Lightning Show

A few days ago, a nice little thunderstorm rolled past our town, just to the south.  In it, there was plenty of lightning to give us a good show.  Just the lights, no sound.  So in silence, I filmed the event with the GoPro Hero3 Black Edition.  I had to zoom in using the video editor, which may have affected the quality, but still.  I also had a difficult time knowing when to stop filming.  The thunderstorm was slow moving, making the light show last!  

Note to self:  I may need to use the Canon Vixia for future lightning shows.  The Vixia can do the zooming for me and the vid quality might be a bit better in low light.  We'll see.

There's not much else to say about the vid.  Well, except I love watching it!  haha!  Somehow, the music seems to just fit.  It's a long-ish video, but I didn't dare speed it up in the editor.  It's fun to see how active the atmosphere was all on its own.

Enjoy! (^.^)v


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