Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Then Came the Rain . . .

A day after enjoying a warm humid breeze and the songs of various birds, a cold rain came.  Lovely, still.

So, of course, I thought to capture it with my handy Zoom H2.  It does have fresh batteries after all.  Besides, who doesn't enjoy hearing the snapping rain as falls from a rooftop? (^.~)v

Backyard Ambience

If only I'd taken a current pic of the day, this post would be complete.

As it was, though, I sat in occasional rays of sunshine in a backyard full of living things.  One of those creatures, a lone mockingbird sitting at the very tippy top of the crepe myrtle proudly singing his song.  There were loads of grackles, too.  Soft coos of doves blended in the background.  All this sound with a steady stream of traffic in the distance,  among a few other things.

A cacophony, it would seem.  But for me--the surrounding voices, warm breeze pushing gray fluff across the sky, the sun piercing through the gaps--quite peaceful~~

This is what I heard...

Backyard sounds I recorded using Zoom H2.
Note:  Sound player may not be visible in all browsers.  Works in Google Chrome.