Saturday, November 10, 2012

Make a Wrapped Wire Ring!

We have a tradition of sorts around here.  Each of us owns and often wears a wire ring or two that I've made out of wire.  Something like these...
On occasion, I'm asked to make a few more for close friends of the family.  The simple wire rose ring has been dubbed, the "family ring".  

I'm not sure where I first found the design, though I'm certain it isn't uncommon.  So, I thought I'd share with everyone how they can make they're own.  Maybe start your own tradition! 

Here's a little video in which I show how to quickly make a wire rose ring.  If you have any questions, private message me, or leave a comment below.  And thanks for checking out the video!  
Materials used:
  • Artistic Wire--Gunmetal Color--20gauge
  • Graduated Wooden Ring Mandrel (for ring sizing)
  • Unmarked Wooden Ring Mandrel (for shaping)
  • Jewelry Wire Cutters
  • Flat-tipped Chain Nose Pliers
  • Round-tipped Chain Nose Pliers 
These items can be found at craft stores, on and sometimes even at Walmart.