Tuesday, July 06, 2010

nearing the end--P90X

With a bit of sadness, our journey with P90X is nearing its end...

The first round, that is!

Yes, the husband and I are in week 12 of our fitness transformation. Next week, "recovery week" as it is called, is our final push for completing the 90-day P90X Classic run.

I'd love to post the before and after pics, but I'll need permission to expose the husband's "guns" as it were. His after pics are fantastic. You'll just have to take my word for it until pic-release is authorized.

As for me, if one values their retinas, they'll not care to view my before pics. Egad. For shame. My afters are pretty good, but I'm waiting until we've completed the next round.

I think I'll change it up a bit. Since more cardio is necessary to prepare for our planned 5K run later this year, we'll need to switch the workouts to fit the P90X Lean schedule. The "lean" schedule is very similar to the "classic", though there is a little less resistance training and more of that intense cardio workout. I look forward to the challenge!

I must say, P90X has taken us on an interesting trip. Not only have we gained strength and stamina, but our outlook is much more positive. We've adopted a new lifestyle. Actually, it wasn't as difficult as I expected it to be. Perhaps, we were just ready.

The workouts never really get easy. One doesn't get used to them, since each day is something different from the one before. And there are days it is difficult to find motivation to stick with the program. But, to miss a workout is even worse. It just feels wrong. I've discovered, no matter how tired I might feel prior to the exercise, if I push myself to do it, I feel completely energized when it's over. A good feeling to be sure.

So, with a bit of sadness, we move on to finish what we've started. I'll miss P90X Classic...

On to P90X Lean...

Then, who knows, P90X Plus! OUCH!!

Tony Horton... We hate him, but we love him...
I can't wait!