Monday, December 24, 2012


Fireside ┬ęshaunachan2012
fireside ©shaunachan2012
It is often around the backyard firepit where the depth of our discussions tend to grow.  There is something about the slithering flames and upward fleeting of glittery sparks that get the synapses firing.  

Though our intentions are good, we've come to no definitive answers about much of anything in particular.  Just more possibilities.  Our changing minds burning across ideas, leaving white hot ashes of the old ones behind still glowing then dimming.    

Fortunately, this refocusing happens almost painlessly.  I suppose it is so, because the simplicity and warmth of a gentle set of flames makes for such a peaceful setting.  A stick's poke at the glowing branches ignite a brief excitement of fireflies, and a new topic arises.

Changes are afoot.

In all of it, I hope to continue posting here.  It will likely be necessary.  In fact, this blog may in some ways return to its roots.  The place where things get sorted out.  Where I may come for a bit of fireside reflection.  

I worry I'll have time for little else.  Yet, I hope to continue to devote time to the YouTube channel.  I do enjoy posting videos there and have plans to do much more in the future.  I'll elaborate more on this later.

In the time since my last post of any kind, the world has gone mad, it seems.  A thing I have noticed, though, there are voices of reason not only enduring but presenting  themselves stronger than before.  Thank heavens for this!  We can be somewhat assured all of humanity is not yet completely lost.  

I don't think I'll say much more on this, as the sadness is quite profound.  Any solutions will take kinder hearts, deeper understandings of human nature, and courage.  Lots of it.