Thursday, June 05, 2008

techno ADD

I think technology causes some form of ADD.

If not that, it may at least cause temporary insanity and blurred vision.

For instance, I've got Image Ready 2.0, audacity, wix and blogger going at the same time.

Oh yeah, I'm microwaving lunch, too! Is that channel 324 I hear in the background?
I think my eyes are crossed.

Just how much of this stuff is really necessary?

Well, lunch is good.

Is this lettuce or a mousepad?

Lately, I've been terribly unfocused.
It has taken me a while to finish this simple post because of it.

That's the point of this, isn't it?
All this extra stuff to do is affecting the quality of the doing.

My brain is getting tired.

Time for a vacation!


Anonymous said...

Recent studies indicate that multitasking is actually inefficient. it takes longer to do the same tasks than if you simply focused on one, finished it, then moved to the next.

stevie said...

Nice pix from inside the ride.

It's not the Buick, is it?


StarCat70 said...

thanks stevie!

haha..this pic is from inside the beast~~chevy tahoe~~
sadly, the car is no more...

even more sad, no more road trips for a while! $4/gal gas...ouch!!