Tuesday, September 29, 2009


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My mind has been busy. I've not slept as much as I ought.

I'm not fond of great amounts of sleep. Just enough will do. Somewhere around 4 hours is fine. Beyond that, I dream too much and vividly... it's difficult to make any sense of it.

There are times my dreams have been disturbing. The things seen, on occasion, come to pass. I suppose everyone does this from time to time. It would be nice to dream about winning lottery numbers. HaHa! But no. Such is not the way for me.

I should document my dreams. I've been interesting characters who've done amazing things. In one adventure, I was James Bond-like. Sports car and all. Nice. But some dreams are seemingly mundane. Like images of unknown people walking by in some faraway land. Or flashes of objects like colorful fabrics, pottery, or jewelry.

My last dream was not clear or memorable for the most part. What I do remember is the very end of it. The moment before I woke up, a large peacock spread its feathers. The image has stayed with me today. It's meaning unknown.