Thursday, June 19, 2008

fermi paradox

How I stumbled upon this subject, I can not recall.

So, what's it about and why should I care?

Well, I'm not too worried about it really. Though it seems someone else was. And they had loads of time to think about aliens. The outer space kind.

I like aliens. Or at least the concept that there might be somebody else out there. It's a cool thing to imagine other-world beings looking up and perhaps wondering about the stars as we do.

The Fermi Paradox is kinda depressing.

The supposed contradiction: if the probability is high that there are other civilizations in the universe, why then do we see no evidence of them? This leads to the whole Great Filter theory. Even more depressing.

What it boils down to is the idea that finding life elsewhere in our solar system, for example, would be somewhat devastating. Why?

Because, we've heard nothing. No signals, no messages. Relative silence about space. And since that is so, it supposedly means no other civilization, if it ever existed, has been able to advance beyond a certain point. Which, it is said, is what might likely happen to our own world. We'll just die off, never having populated the universe in a robust and lively way. The universe, to be a dead place.

Interesting conjecture and surely a bit pessimistic.

Me thinks it hogwashy.

I mean, isn't it possible we just aren't the coolest things out there? Thus, no reason to give us a "howdy-do!".

Or could it be possible, we've already been visited?

There are ufo sightings, such as one in 1561, as shown in a Hans Glaser 1566 woodcut. There are reports of abductions, such as one depicted in the movie Fire in the Sky.

Thank you Xevious23 for sharing the vid.

Thank you ghostevidence for sharing the vid.

My dad and I discussed alien visitation and ufos years ago. He had a different approach and suggested the aliens were us. Of course, I figured he meant ufos were military experiments, since Dad had worked in the field of aeronautics and knew stuff.

Instead, he offered the idea we had somehow come to understand time travel and thought to check up on ourselves from time to time.

Now, there's a paradox!

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