Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Replacing an Electric Water Heater--How We Did It! | DIY

It took about a week or so of planning (and of having enough money) to do this project.  But, at last, we completed the replacement of our electric water heater.  This video shows some of what we went through.

Not all steps are shown, however.  We both, Fargo and me, worked on this project and sometimes the camera didn't get turned on.  Even so, I think it's a nice way to document yet another of our DIY projects.

It's a good idea for me to remind everyone to be careful if you decide to do a job like this yourself.  I have a little plumbing experience from years ago, so I do have some idea of what I'm doing.  But I am NOT a professional plumber, nor am I a professional electrician.  When in doubt, hire the pros!!  Otherwise, any work you do is entirely at your OWN risk!  Do your research and be careful!

Oh, and enjoy the vid. (^.^)v  


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