Monday, March 10, 2014

FitVlog Day 42 Update!

Video from Day 42 of my fitness journey!

Things have been going along pretty well so far.  We've completed a week or so of P90X3, which I talk about in the vid.  Also, I show a super quick montage of some of the workouts we did.

Lately, we've been a bit busy with loads of other goings on, thus a couple of workout days have been sacrificed.  No worries...  We'll be back at it soon enough!

Along with the FitVlog vids, I'm currently working on a short tutorial of sorts.  This one is about a nail polish look inspired by the cosmos.  The polish is beautiful, though I don't think the video does it justice.  No matter, the tutorial is meant to be fun and lighthearted.  It's coming soon, I hope!

In the meantime, enjoy the FitVlog!
Take care! (^.^)v    

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