Friday, September 26, 2014

FitVlogs!! #19-#21

Okay.  This is crazy.  I know, I know.

I've resumed the Insanity workout program!  Not only that, I thought it'd be fun to vlog about it every day.  To keep myself accountable, that is.  What was I thinking?!

So far, so good.  But I know there will be something that trips me up.  haha!  It's inevitable.

As I'm typing, FitVlog #22 is uploading.  That'll have to be a separate post, I guess.  But for this post, since I've forgotten to put my latest vids here, I thought I'd cram a few of them all together.

I suppose there isn't much more to say about them.  Check them out if you like.  And thanks! :)

Coming soon is an unboxing vid.  Yep, I have, somehow, acquired an Alienware laptop!  This ought to be fun!

Take care out there!  (^.^)v
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