Wednesday, May 14, 2014

My (mini) FitVlog Update #12

It's going to get crazy this week!  So I thought I'd better post an update, just in case I run out of time later.

This is a short one.  I was in the parking lot at Macy's, about to buy a dress, and had a few minutes to say a thing or two.  I hate shopping!  Has that been mentioned before?  haha!

Anyhow, this Friday is an orchestra banquet.  My eldest daughter's last one, since she's graduating high school this June.  I've never been to one of these banquets.  It's a special occasion, needing special attire.  Finding a dress that fits the event and my backside is difficult.  Particularly, for me!  Oh, did I mention, I don't like shopping? (^.~)  Even so, I found a little something.  It's black (of course) and fairly simple.  I may need to sparkle it up with jewelry or some-such thing.  You'll see a blurry fine pic of it in the video. haha!  That's the best I could do with the iPhone~~because I was too lazy to get out the good camera.

As for the fitness aspect of the video, there are no workout clips this time.  We are doing the same stuff as last week.  However, it's worth noting, I am improving on the push ups.  I feel much stronger than I did on Day 1 of the P90X3 program.  The only thing I haven't noticed is very much weight loss.  I know I'm toning up, but I feel as though some additional cardio will be needed.  It may be time to bring out the mother of all cardio workouts~~ INSANITY!  (O.o)  It's just the thing to do.  I'll keep you posted.

Enjoy the video! (^.^)v        

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