Tuesday, October 21, 2014

FitVlog #29 INSANITY, The FitTest & Feeling Discouraged

Well, here we are again.  Plugging away at the Insanity program!

Yes, Recovery Week is over.  I enjoyed it!  But, I've missed the routine of the more intense workouts.  No doubt, this second month of Insanity will not disappoint.  In fact, I hope I make it through!

I've heard stories.  They aren't pretty.

And so, here's the video of the FitTest that I'm to do every couple of weeks.  I think I must have missed one!  In any case, in the video are the stats of one of the FitTests I did early on with today's stats.  Not much improvement was seen.  Perhaps, it's because I was in fairly decent shape to begin with.  Or maybe I'd better get a move on!

Today was an emotional one.  Doubts were filling my head that I'll ever finish this program.  And even if I do finish, will I be in good shape?  Somehow I pushed through the excuses and exhaustion.  It's difficult to give yourself a pep talk, sometimes, when you're working out alone.  I recommend finding a group to workout with.  Seriously.  Or talk to me.  :)  We can help each other!  I mean that.  Just some words of encouragement are great.

Enjoy the video!  (^.^)v
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Video captured with GoPro Hero3 Black and Samsung Galaxy S5  

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