Tuesday, November 28, 2006

the little things

Skyline StarCat 6Barely paying attention to the buildings plugged into the ground, hardly noticing the traffic clogging the street, my mind was blank to the world, but not for the first time. This city sucks the smiles from the soul.

ThunderTaking a break from the mundane, I glanced up at a small patch of black sky between the jagged mountainous rooftops, and there it burned! Comet Its long tail stretched across the darkness. The fireball I've so sorely missed. Stars
"Did you see that?!" I'd shouted excitedly to the others. It couldn't be helped, it was just that thrilling.
I've composed myself now.Flowers & Butterfly Yeah, the family thought I was a little too ecstatic, a bit odd...Alien ...but scarcely do they understand. The sky brings a peace I can not find in these concrete walls. Stars
StarSleeping Kitty On Monitor


Anonymous said...

As i said, they way you see the world always amazes me!!

Anonymous said...

thank you for your inspiring view of life. it encourages me to see things differently.

Anonymous said...

Anything new coming any time soon, love?


Anonymous said...

The red spot in Orion is a Nebula. :)

StarCat70 said...

Still here, just BUSY!!!
More later...