Monday, March 13, 2006


...the dream...
all photos copyrighted schan2006


Anonymous said...

I know it takes you a long time to put up a new post, but I come here every day just to see if there's anything new.

These are beautiful. I love the Lake Murray with the tree in the foreground. Thank you for sharing.


StarCat70 said...

It's true I don't post often, but that you are paying attention is wonderful. :)
As you may know, the littlest one keeps me busy, so it's not often I have both hands free to type.
Using this format, I am able to share my photos quickly no matter what's going on. ;) ;)
Again, thanks for noticing. :o)
Take care!

Anonymous said...

The person who sees this and shares it with the rest of us must have a beautiful soul!