Tuesday, August 25, 2009

diagnosed: human

Once again, there is quibbling over what to do with health care in the U.S. Most recently, discussion concerning U.S. health care and illegal aliens.

There are many people in our land of plenty who are without plenty of things. Then, there are those who seem to have it all.

Perhaps, for those who do have it all, it is difficult to understand not having. Even more difficult for them to believe, there are actually people who toil very hard, yet never gain much. Harder still to trust, there are actually illegals who pay taxes. I've seen it myself. Where does that money go?

Of course, it is somewhat baffling why so much anger is directed only at illegals, with regard to taxes and health care. Maybe the anger should be directed at those who hire them. Those who pay them a mere pittance for their labor. The ones smiling at all the cash they've saved themselves by hiring workers on the cheap.

But never mind how it is we are in this position.

In all the rhetoric, something is fading... Humanity.

Yes, I know I'll be called a bleeding-heart liberal. No matter. I'll make no apologies for a desire that my fellow human beings be treated with at least a modicum of dignity. If that's a liberal thought, so be it. I once thought it was a "Christian" thought. Somehow, I've been kicked out of that club.

Whilst attempting to learn more on the health care debate, I stumbled across this comment by "brian" on CNN's Cafferty File:

brian (Nova Scotia) August 18th, 2009 4:35 pm ET

I am very confused. The United States is likely the most Christian nation on the planet. No other country has given so much to so many others in times of need. It is inconceivable to me that such a generous people such as our American Cousins could consider turning away 6 million ‘Illegals’ and their children. To say nothing about the 47 million of your own citizens who are unable to get affordable health care. I have every confidence you will sort this out , I only hope it can be done so while perserving the values America believes it stand for.

I am very confused, too, "brian".

And I haven't even mentioned how some Americans view other Americans who do not have health insurance. Health insurance is a commodity here. He who can buy the most wins. The prize? In some cases, life.

I don't profess to have all the answers. The situation seems too complex for most of us to grasp. Still, people are not just things to be tossed out like so much refuse. For all the talk of valuing life... Why not value it?

Ah. But how much will that cost?

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