Thursday, April 16, 2009

the spot

There's a perfect place for a blanket and a bit of lunch we've found. It's there under that tree, under the sky.

What is it we've done without this patch of earth all these years? I can not tell.

Those who came before us here may never know how we do so appreciate our new home. Perhaps it is the children who tell it best.


stevie said...

this is really great! we are so happy for you guys. really wish we could all spend more time together.

belachan said...

i am so happy for you all.

miss you guys bunches.

Unknown said...

What can I say, I love it already! Wish I could just fly there with Margaux, she must see her cousins soon!

Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful place, lovely kids. She looks so much like a little princess I know somewhere far far away..