Saturday, October 17, 2009


Today was a particularly lovely day.

After what seemed like weeks of rain and grayness, we've got sunshine! Nice.

And not just any sunshine. This is the clear and crisp kind. That which is surrounded by cool air and a sweet soft breeze. I love the fall. My favorite season to be sure.

After a quick mow to some thick lawn, I sat enjoying the afternoon, whilst the kiddos ran free in the yard. Camera phone in hand.

A wonky thing is wrong with the camera in my phone. An unreachable strange smudge is on the inside of the glass protecting the tiny lens. Nevertheless, at times, the camera produces pleasing effects and softness. Especially when it catches the sun just so.

Ian is certain Sara doesn't really need help riding the trike on the "circle". He's seen here coaching from his lawn chair, "She can do it. Come on."

The husband will enjoy this... Minimalism, I say. o_O

And so, we close this day with hopes for another one just as lovely... And a night sky as clear and full of sparkle...

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