Thursday, March 05, 2009

cookie time

It's been a while since I made cookies. Or took pictures. Or blogged for that matter.

Today, the time for some fresh peanut butter cookies seemed just right. The kiddos couldn't have agreed more. O' course, to them, anytime is a good time for fresh cookies!

The urge to cookie-make must have something to do with the fact we are moving soon. Whilst tossing things out and packing some things away, I've found items in the cabinet I've oft overlooked. Like a brand new package of brown sugar and that special brand of pure vanilla I'd not yet opened. These back-of-the-cupboard dwellers begged to be blended with the creamy peanut butter sitting in the front row.

To be sure, there are other reasons to mix a batch. A way to say goodbye to this humble abode, our home for seven years. In some oddness, it will be missed.

What's more, biting into the crispy treat will help alleviate the anxiety of waiting for moving day. The special melancholy of sifting through years of memories in old ragged, dusty boxes...

Yes, it is time for a warm cookie.


Anonymous said...

Yummmm!! Hot, fresh from the over peanut butter cookies!!! Here come some childhood memories!!!

StarCat70 said...