Wednesday, December 02, 2009


So this is what 39 is like~~

I slept through most of the day I reached this number, nearly forgetting it was my birthday. Haha!

Peaceful and comfortable it was~~


joanne khoo said...

shauna dear,

isn't it amazing?
we barely feel we have aged but seeing the children all grown up......hahahah how can we have not grown too?
seriously, i don't want to grow old but cannot help it right?
you take amazing photographs :)

love and hugs


StarCat70 said...

thank you so much sister!
gosh, it's taken me so long to reply to this....sorry. :o/
as for the growing old... i guess it's not so bad. in my youth, i was not wise enough to appreciate how special the days were. at least now, it seems, the days are sweeter and leave little time for wasting.
i hope you guys come to see us soon. i can't wait to meet you! :o)

XIXILI said...

soon....we shall be back in america :P
love our family so much <3