Friday, January 29, 2010

Allen Middle School Orchestra--Canon in D

Turn off background music here, then come back up.

This raw video doesn't capture how lovely the group sounds.

Somewhere, amongst the violins, is my daughter. I'm very proud of her. She plays quite beautifully.

She'll be a freshman next year. I can hardly believe. It goes quickly, this growing up thing.


stevie said...

hey sister,
the music sounds awesome.
we are very proud of you and fargo for raising such beautiful children.
hope to see you guys next year.

StarCat70 said...

thank you brother :o)
they sound wonderful, though the audio here isn't as good as i'd like. another excuse to pick up more equipment! heheheee... i'm getting a field recorder for such occasions as this.
and we do hope you all are able to come visit! we'll have daughter play something for you. :o)

stevie said...

i have a Sony PCM-D50 recorder, very underutilized :) Sound quality is amazing, truly amazing. Will bring along if/when visit.
Jo and I have just bought an apartment, so traveling will be confined to regional destinations for a while. But we intend to visit the states soon.

StarCat70 said...

i just got the zoom h2, which is pretty good for the price. i wanted the zoom h4n, but didn't want to spend that much yet. i'm guessing the h4n is comparable to the sony pcm-d50... which is certainly much better than the h2 that i have. :oD someday i'd like to upgrade. someday. haha!
we are very much looking forward to your visit! :oDph