Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Parenting~~"Call of Duty4" Style

People don't like to be barked at.

Okay, maybe some do. But, I'm not talking about pet owners or those with odd fetishes here.

The other day, whilst playing Call of Duty4-Modern Warfare (very badly) on the PS3, I got pretty frustrated. I was trying to complete a simple task, but this voice kept needling me to hurry up, do this, do that... And, boy,what a failure I was. Egad.

It was pretty annoying, that voice. It caused me to mess up a lot, I'm sure. To the point that if I could find the guy, I would've swung my weapon around and...well... shot off a warning or something!

I'm not mean enough to kill the guy~~even in the virtual world.

What I realized, though, was how the game could be used as an example. Especially for guys who might believe always yelling orders at someone yields good end-product.

Now, I know, soldiers need to be tough to deal with all kinds of stuff. I have the deepest respect for what they do.

Kiddos, though... Do they need that much stress?

Parenting is a difficult job. Many times, kids don't do as they are told. And yeah, on occasion, you gotta get loud, when it's the really serious stuff you're dealing with.

But, when you're talking about doing the dishes or cleaning a room, it's a little different. The urgency is not there, so the loudness isn't necessary. Each issue has its own level of concern and should be treated as such.

A constant barrage of criticism can make you foul up.
Or worse...
It can make you not care anymore.

Thank you mynameiszach for sharing the vid.

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