Wednesday, April 21, 2010

in training

Turn background music off here, then come back up.

So the husband and I have a plan to run a 5K later this year. My idea, mostly. I'm crazy like that. The husband, he's very supportive, luckily, as there is much work to be done from now till then.

In effort to better prepare for the run, we have taken on the P90X program.

P90X in a word . . . WOW! Or maybe just, OW!

We are doing pretty well with the workouts, so far. Each day, rather night (for us), a different challenge to be had. Each morning a new muscle discovered, a very very sore muscle. The difficulty getting out of bed, we can only laugh at. "Ha ha!" we say, "T'was nothing, that P90X. What else have you? Tsk. Tsk." Then on with the day we go.

But this last night was different for me. Our challenge was a bit of yoga. Okay, Yoga X, as it is called. Not your normal let's do a few stretches and breathe a little, yoga. It is extreme, and done as instructed, will create loads of sweat to pour down the brow. And other places, not to mention.

Anyway. I was looking forward to yoga. Particularly after the previous night's workout involving the lifting of weights and the dreaded AbRipper X. Yeah. The AbRipper. Rip those abs! Ouch! And did I mention the X? Yes, it is extreme.

So, the yoga. What a lovely thing. Well over an hour of loveliness.

We were put through several, somewhat difficult, moves. Though I did this routine with the husband, I found myself more focused than expected, not paying attention so much to what he was doing.

Even more interesting, odd, and a little startling, I felt as though I might cry. What is this thing called yoga that causes tears to fall?

Now, normally, I only find myself crying when under extreme stress, or when recalling moments that are particularly sad. Even beautiful pieces of music cause mist in my eye on occasion.

But, exercise?


Of course, the husband had no clue what I was experiencing. I believe he was focusing on his own moves. Even so, my ego got the best of me. I made jokes and acted cool, to cover my welling up emotion. He seemed a touch perturbed by this needless burst of humor.

Ah well.

And so it goes.

Tomorrow we will pump more iron and hit the chinning bar. If anyone cries, it'll only be because it hurts!

Bring it! ;oD