Wednesday, February 09, 2011


At times, such as this, I visit SpiritSuds for the music.

Often, the mood of the newest post will match the first tune playing on the list. Sometimes, there are few words to say, so diligently a sound is chosen to bloom over the page.

Surely, it matters little to anyone passing by. But to me, it's important. And if I could, I'd have an animation to go with it! I'm just not quick with the animation software. At least, not yet. That, and the software can not create what I envision.

I suppose, it's just as well. Because, the vision will change as the sounds age.

Since I am notoriously a multi-tasker, or just have a case of techno-ADD, I've got a lovely ambient piece, "The Heart of Reiki", playing whilst I watch the edge of a snowstorm approach on animated weather radar. It goes well. Interesting how such mundane tasks can seem so... beautiful.

This, while I check for school closures and contemplate using a piece of sound editing software. Though, already, there are far too many applications running on this machine.

When dawn arrives, there'll be no driving once the roads are blanketed. No journeying beyond these walls. Save for a traipse through the powder for a quick snow angel or to build a small snow person.

Fortunate is the one who is easily entertained in times like these.

And I am.

Easily entertained.

And fortunate.

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