Monday, June 20, 2011

summer wind

Outside the window, I see the limbs and leaves of the trees dance in a dry hot wind.

It is summer. It has made itself known, leaving its mark in the cracks of the parched earth. The sun, relentlessly piercing through a dusty haze, baking the streets, sidewalks and lawns.

You can taste the air. Powdery on the tongue, stinging the throat. What moisture the heat doesn't steal away, the wind strips.

It is said we may get a spot of rain tomorrow, though I'll not hold my breath waiting. No, in the meantime, I'll do my best to find appreciation for the extreme warmth.

Indeed, there are moments when I feel the scorch of sun on my face and shoulders and relish it. Perhaps, it is because it reminds there is a freedom about summer. It is the time we skimp on clothing and travel to random places. And, we swim.

Such a free feeling, floating in the sweet coolness of a pool or lake.

It seems the summer has only begun, yet we've managed at least a couple of adventures already.

One such was a trip to Dallas for the three-day affair, A-Kon 22. I almost think this particular subject requires a separate post! There is too much to mention, I can scarcely think. So, I'll save it for later.

Shortly after the A-Kon convention ended, the itch to venture the roadways hit. On the spur, and almost too late in the day, we quickly packed the truck and pointed north, making way to the closest lake we're most fond of. The journey would take us more than 2 hours, though not unpleasant, the drive is part of the allure. A complete departure from the seductive madness and thrill of A-kon.
It was hot, 103ºF! In my haste, I'd forgotten my polarizer lens, so the glare is evident.

This subject, too, will require more attention than I am able to give it at the moment. Tonight, maybe, when there are less pressing matters to tend to.

For now, I'll consider taking the children out in the hot for a swim~~~

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