Thursday, December 15, 2011

a few words

In the past, I wrote a lot. Maybe I should begin again. And soon.

At long last, we have some rain! This is indeed quite momentous of an occasion, though our area has nowhere near the amount of water needed for drought recovery. Still, the rain brightens my mood.

I love the dreariness of a gray day. I've a tendency to daydream, so the gloom creates the perfect conditions for a bit of inspiration. Methinks, Washington State, or perhaps Oregon, might be the perfect area for one such as me. No matter, time is what eludes me now.

As it is, I must run out into the mist and fetch a member of our clan. Once complete, preparations for a short jaunt on the road will ensue. I look forward to the chaos. I'll be sure to snap a pic or two.

And now, I'm off...


SalaciousVersification said...

I love weather like that! I wish it wud rain more out here in Arizona! I miss rain soo much! Have fun!

StarCat70 said...

Arizona has a beauty all its own. Here, where I am, we don't get rain much anymore, it seems. When it comes, it is deeply appreciated. I suppose Arizona treasures the rain much the same.
Thanks so much for your comment.
Take care! :o)

SalaciousVersification said...

Yeah! That is true!
You're welcome! And thank u! Take care as well! :-)