Monday, June 25, 2012

Something a Little Different--Upcoming VoxBox Vid

The other day, my eldest daughter encouraged me to check out a website called where I could do a survey and get free samples of stuff to try in a what's called a VoxBox. Then, I'd need to do a review of the items, let people know what I thought, maybe in a video, on Facebook, or on a blog.

This is perfect for me! I've been looking for more video ideas to do this summer, aside from the usual tutorials I've been doing. And getting free stuff in the mail is always fun!

So, I went to the website to sign up. Also, I unlocked several "badges" by answering questions about myself. These badges help them decide what type of VoxBox might suit me. The more badges I have, the more likely I'll fit the criteria to receive different types of VoxBoxes. For example, this month is the Mom VoxBox with items geared more toward moms in it. Since I am a mom, I qualified, and was lucky to be selected to receive it!

Now, I know I won't likely receive a VoxBox every month. After all, it is a free service, unlike some of the other paid monthly subscription services you can sign up for to receive samples, like Birchbox or GlossyBox. Still, it will be fun to see what types of VoxBoxes I qualify for and actually get.

I'm still waiting for my first VoxBox to arrive.  When it does, I'll let you know~~~

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