Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Fade to Black Nails and Miscellaneous Update

As a fun experiment, I created this gradient nail polish look using a beautiful shimmery blue OPI nail laquer over a black base.  Clearly I don't have the best nails for this look, as they are a bit short!  haha!  Even so, the potential for something interesting is there.  And, it could make for a quick tutorial!  We'll see.  No matter, the kiddos said these nails are like a sunset and that they're "cool lookin'"!  What more need be said?  Haha!  To create the gradient, I painted my nails black, then (with a makeup sponge) sponged on the blue very lightly mid-nail, gradually applying more layers of blue as I worked up to the tip of the nail.  On top of that, I applied a special effects clear polish that has little flecks of transparent blue glitter in it.  To seal the whole thing, a clear topcoat.

In the meantime, I've been attempting to clean out some vid files from the laptop.  It's getting somewhat cluttered in here.  Some of the YouTube vids may go onto DVDs or onto an external drive.  Time consuming this task is.  But, if more vids are to get made, I'll need the space.

Soon, very soon, there are plans to start working out again.  It's been a while!  Due to illness (and chaos) I've gotten out of shape and need to get to it!

Yesterday, I made an attempt to ease back into action by biking and taking a brisk walk.  Unfortunately, during the adventure, I discovered my bike's condition is slightly poorer than my own when a gear failed, cracked and fell to the street.
A minor setback.  (o.O)

Until next time~~  (^.^)v


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