Saturday, September 08, 2018

StarCat70 Plays Elite: Dangerous | Journey To Colonia Pt 9 - COLONIA!

Star Bug, Orion, and I are getting worn down by the lightyears, but  we're getting closer to Colonia.  We hitch rides on the neutron stars to make the journey a little faster.  Our target, Jaques Station, where there's a shipyard containing a particular ship I've my eye on.  (^.^)v       
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► HOTAS & Keyboard Bindings I used:
*(note:  keyboard settings include those for Voice Attack--VoicePack Orion)

► Voice Attack on STEAM:

► HCS VoicePacks:

Alienware R7 GTX 1070 Gaming Desktop:
Alienware Pro Gaming Mechanical Keyboard:
Alienware Advanced Gaming Mouse:
Razer Kraken Gaming Headset: 
Logitech C922x Pro Stream Webcam:
Zoom H2n Handy Recorder :
Vegas Pro Edit 14 :
Thrustmaster T-Flight HOTAS X :

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☺Where to Find Me!☺
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►♪♫Music Credits♫♪
Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound:

**(music is in order of when it first appears)
1. Felicia's Secret- August Wilhelmsson
2. Final Wave 1 - August Wilhelmsson
3. Globe Trekking 2 - Gavin Luke
4. Epic Trailer 02- Johannes Bornlöf
5. Travel To Centaurus - Nihoni
6. To The Singularity 1 - Johannes Bornlöf
7. Floating In Space 2 - Johannes Bornlöf
8. Gold Mountain - Gunnar Johnsén
9. Isotopes - August Wilhelmsson
10. The Vindicator Waltz - Niklas Johansson
11. We Will Survive - August Wilhelmsson
12. Heros Hand 4 - August Wilhelmsson
13. A Place Among The Stars 2 - Johannes Bornlöf

▲Video Software & Audio Gear▲
Video and audio edited by me. (^.^)v
Gameplay captured with OBS Studio
Voice Over captured with Zoom H2
Audio & Video edited with VEGAS Pro 14.0

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