Wednesday, February 02, 2005

The Lot Dogs

I expect them any day now. Yep, the Lot Dogs will be on the prowl, in apartment building parking lots, feeding off those who are on their last leg.

I've watched them snoop around the cars of the victims, slapping glowing, orange-red stickers on the windshields of the unlucky. It's happened to me, too. And though I should have accepted my fate, because the inspection sticker was after all expired, I chose to fight them in hopes that I might save the others like me.

The Dogs know who they are, preying on the defenseless who live in low-income, run-down, pitiful apartment complexes. And the victims, who can smell them coming, run to move their vehicles anywhere but where they live--the grocery store lot will do.

Once the Dogs , or should I say, thieves, have managed to snare a vehicle, it will likely never see the light of day again. The "offending" car will be dragged to some tiny town nearly 60 miles away, where the owner can pick it up... for a price! You see, the owner will have to pay for the tow to the tiny town, as well as an "impoundment" fee. Ha! Brilliant, isn't it?

Of course, one might think, if you pay your rent you are entitled to park your very own vehicle in the parking lot where you live. Not so. If you are even a day late paying your registration or renewing the vehicle's inspection, you might as well be prepared to kiss your car goodbye! The apartment management could care less. In fact, our manager once said, "That's how they make money!" when asked about a towing company's practice of snooping around parking lots and dragging off cars.

I'm thoroughly disgusted with those who feed off the economically challenged and defenseless. I wonder how often the wealthy are victimized by towing companies. I wonder why towing companies are allowed to destroy the lives of people in this way.

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Anonymous said...

They can do this because no one cares until it happens to them, then it's too late. How much of our society is broken because of apathy? A French philosopher (I forget his name) said "Democracies get exactly what they deserve." As long as the people of a Democracy are negligent in their DUTY (not right) to vote responsibly, these things will continue. But, you see, it is so easy to abdicate ones responsibility, to allow others to do our thinking, to just put our heads down and trudge drearily thru life.
I feel I see part of you here that you do not show people you know.