Thursday, February 03, 2005

Another Disappointing Day

What is it with these people?
I go to school early, to pick up my little one, park in the designated area of the drive-thru and sit for an hour--usually first in line. But ya know it never fails, someone, who arrives invariably late to pick up their child, parks their beast of an SUV right in front of me at such an angle-- so close to the front of my vehicle--that I will never get out! Who are these people?

"These" people are replicating at such a pace in this town. They are those who believe they own everything, so get outta their way! They are the ones who can chat on their cell phones, park their utes, apply eyeliner, and paint their nails miraculously at the same time!!

It's no wonder my blood pressure is up--I've been dodging the self-appointed owners of every piece of asphalt, every shopping cart, and blade of grass in the public park. "Public park" being a misnomer of course, as this piece of property is suddenly privatized by those whose beasts are allowed to leave their defacating mark on it. Anyone ever heard of a "poop scoop" around here?

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Anonymous said...

Don't let them get to you. They mean no harm, they're just self absorbed. They also scurry about, intent on saving time beacuse they are in a hurry, never realizing the journey is the most important part of a trip, not the destination. If you sit back and watch them they're really kind of amusing!!
But again,this is an interesting topic from you. Hmmm, I wonder what secret things lurk in your mind? Much more that just a pretty face. I am intrigued!