Thursday, March 31, 2005

Cost of Living

Too wealthy to be considered poor, yet too poor to own a home or afford health insurance.

What is this phenomenon? Middle class? Not according to the stats in this city. The "middle class" refers to those raking in great annual sums of $80K. Not too shabby if you ask me. What about those pulling in a meager $35K?

Well you can't buy a home with $35K a year. At least not here. So, what's a person to do when they can no longer afford to live where they work? Where do you go when you've poured everything you have into exhorbitant rental fees leaving no funding for an escape?

And health care--what about it? What is it with paying workers just enough to entice them with the idea of having health care, but not allowing them enough to actually afford it? Dangled carrots of hope, this offered insurance is, swinging before your eyes just to keep you interested. Something is wrong with having to pay hundreds of dollars a month to keep insurance for your family, only to be hit with a huge deductible you can no longer afford--because you've been paying hundreds of dollars a month to have insurance!

Is it my imagination, or is there something wrong with this picture?

I worry about people. One can't complain too much or they are labeled a whiner. Some say if you have financial problems it's up to you to fix them yourself. Of course, that's easy to say for one who has more than enough funds. What about regular people? Those whose pay has not kept up with rising costs, what of them? What happens when you are bombarded with medical expenses, auto repair expenses, housing expenses all at once and no resources to fall back on? How does one handle these issues alone?

Contrary to what some may believe, people don't enjoy receiving handouts. Most people want to make their own way. I just wonder who has set the standard that we are all to live by. Who decided to create such a division between the "haves" and "have nots"?

It is a fool who craves the power to have it all, over everyone else. The many dependents inherited by this rise to the top can topple the perspective at a moment's notice.

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Anonymous said...

Such a serious topic from you! I wonder what else you hide behind your beautiful smile?