Thursday, January 10, 2008

Bear Cub

Today, I had the pleasure of wrestling with a little bear.

Please, take caution when attempting to diaper a bear cub. The strength of such an adorable bundle can take you off guard, and leave you with tired muscles and a big mess!!

I could not have imagined the same little one who seemed so fragile in the NICU, those long three months, would emerge from his protective cocoon so full of energy and strength.
Truly, amazing...

And now, little more than a year later...
I'm incredibly thankful for the wrestling match!


Anonymous said...

It is important to enjoy these things now, for soon, he will be a teen, and you will know nothing (in his mind) :)
It is amazing to watch them grow....

Anonymous said...

So cute! I look forward to a good match in about 5 more months! (plus a year).


StarCat70 said...

:o) yes, these are indeed the moments that make me smile and are forever etched in my mind... how quickly they grow!

and :j, i'm so very excited for you!!