Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy New Year

It all started Sunday afternoon, when we went for drinks.
Several hours later, and without much thought at all, we ended up in Houston. ;o)
New Year's Eve was spent at the beach in Galveston.
What an interesting place, Galveston. I'd never visited the island before, yet it seemed so familiar.
Very refreshing.
Things seem much clearer now.


Anonymous said...

The architecture in Galveston is really nice... lotsa old stuff to soak in. Houston... well, mostly new stuff....
the sound of the surf is .... well, special.

StarCat70 said...

yes, galveston has lovely things to see... i'll be going back to be sure!
houston is nicer than i'd expected... will be going back there, too...:o)
and the surf...i miss is so...