Wednesday, April 23, 2008

the bubble song

Every night, my little daughter makes one request...

The Bubble Song!

And so, the Bubble Song it is. Over and over and over...

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Anonymous said...

You should try the Llama song! Look it up on Youtube.


Anonymous said...

That's cute. Your voice?

Anonymous said...

heck no! It's way too funny to be anything by me. Still, I love the Llama song. It's not as pretty as the bubble song, not as profound as your contemplation of infinity (I by the way love you idea... and think that perhaps now that some of us from science class are older, there is much wisdom in your analogy. The circle is often described as the infinite loop and a sphere is only a three-dimensional continuation of that thought. GOD I hope I wasn't one of the ones who laughed... it seems amazingly clear, now.


StarCat70 said...

thank you...the bubble song i made up for my first daughter. one day it made her cry. sounds too sad, she this day it makes her cry~~~
the second daughter loves the song.
i had a recording of her singing it with me...a much better version than the one here...alas, i couldn't get it off the cell phone!

as for science class...the disappointment was the teacher's attempt to shut down a thought, labeling my idea as an impossibility. me thinks that was the beginning of my streak of rebellion! heheheeeee

hope you are all well~~~ one day you'll be singing your own "bubble song"... :o)