Monday, April 14, 2008


A few days ago, early April 10, to be exact, I was shocked to learn our town had been hit by a tornado. Especially shocking, since I slept right through it!!!

How can this be? I'm an avid storm watcher. I love storms. Well, I have a respect for their power, anyway. Not too fond of people's lives getting ruined by them. Just think they are kinda cool to watch.

Being from Oklahoma, originally, one grows accustomed to hearing tornado sirens each spring. And too, one learns not to take Oklahoma twisters lightly. (See May 3, 1999 video below for an example)

Okay, Texas storms can get pretty rowdy. Particularly up in the panhandle area, where I once lived, briefly. In fact, the Texas panhandle is where I first saw tornadoes up close and personal. Even watched one forming across the street. Talk about exciting!

Not to mention the enormous softball-sized hail. Wow!

Anyhow, before I get off track, we don't get those types of storms very often around Allen, Texas. In fact, my daughter pointed this out, the day before we were hit by a tornado...heheee
Gotta watch what one says, I suppose.

Our town was just missed by some pretty messy storms on April 9. I saw the supercell move out of our area and thought the worst was over. A squall line was in the overnight forecast. Some high winds of maybe 50 to 60 mph to come.

Yeah, I fell asleep, not giving it another thought.

When morning came, I noticed the clocks flashing. Power must've gone out.

Well, yeah the power went out! haha

It was all over the news that morning. Storms spawned 5 or 6 tornadoes. Even my email inbox was full of tornado warning alerts. Lot of good that did me.

This is part of the damage, a fallen tree, I saw nearby (most of the twisted corrugated roofing material had already been removed)...

In other parts of the town, homes and neighborhoods lost shingles, bricks, large and small trees. Fences were blown down, and street signs were bent completely to the ground. The wind that caused the damage was estimated at 80 to 90 mph.

So, here's my theory as to why I slept like a baby...

A couple of years before I left Oklahoma, I witnessed this precedent-setting storm, which ripped asphalt out of the ground and wiped homes cleanly off their foundations:

Thanks to sam1421 for enabling me to share this vid.

Thanks to for enabling me to share this vid.

Thanks to polishchaser1 for enabling me to share this vid.

Just about anything else after that, is almost a breeze!

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