Wednesday, July 16, 2008


It's been a while since my last post.

The family and I have been spending more time outside. And me, mostly looking up, as usual.

Truly, the natural world is amazing. The vastness of the heavens. The power of the seas. The structure of an anthill.

There is always something fascinating to look at.

And just as wonderful, the mysterious. The spiritual part of the world. The soul of the earth and all that we can touch or see, seem inseparable.

The other day, I came across an episode of 30 Days about the Navajos . (Read more about the episode in this article on the Farmington Daily Times website.)

Being an Oklahoman, with ancestors from the Cherokee, Apache and other tribes, I know a little of the culture. There is a deep respect for all things. Even eating a once living thing means more to them than to most of us. Want fries with that?

What's more, they seem to be "connected" to the soul of the earth. There is a heightened awareness of surroundings. The many rituals they perform and their belief systems illustrate this.

To many, including to some of their own young people, Native American beliefs might seem outdated. To me, it seems they have been right all along. Perhaps, had we listened long ago about respect for our Mother Earth, we might not be talking about global warming today.

There is much to be learned from indigenous peoples.

After watching the 30 Days show, hearing one highly educated Navajo woman speak of the disconnect in America, I felt it nice to know I'm not the only one recognizing this loneliness surrounding us.

Now, what to do about it~~

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