Monday, July 28, 2008

lazy lens

Videos need to be made. Pics need to be posted. Tons of stuff on the memory card.

I'm lazy and have not touched the Nikon in a couple of weeks. I hope to get to it soon. If it is said so here, maybe I'll feel an obligation.

It's the business of summer I'm preoccupied with. The evening bike rides have taken precedent over most other things.

The evening rides remind me of fall.
It's the silence in the air
The silence, save for the whispering breeze
slipping past my ears
and the sound of soft tick-ticking gears.
Had I died right there,
on Water-Break Hill,
I'd have done it with a smile.
Complete bliss found there~~
The wind, trees, the stars, my loves
with me all the while.


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