Monday, November 03, 2008


Another beautiful day.

This one coming after a most spectacular night with a Milky Way sky and a fingernail moon.

Yesterday, leaving the Dallas Metro for Possum Kingdom State Park was a welcome break from the concrete maze.

Though, once again, we arrived at our destination late, the brilliant stars and peaceful cool air soothed our souls.

The gentle footfalls of small deer that approached us as we scanned the sky, magical.

Innocent faces of curious youngsters, with bright eyes and shiny noses, sneaked up on us in the darkness, whilst I fidgeted with my camera. The night's serenity broken only by the calls of coyotes in the distance.

Lucky for me, my family goes along with my road trip whims. Else, we might not enjoy such moments as these.

Yes, yesterday was quite lovely.

And then, came today.


fargo chan said...

i can't believe what i saw up in the dark sky, constellations and milky surreal...let's do that again..

StarCat70 said...

of course!
westward bound we go!!!