Tuesday, December 02, 2008


I'd never imagine ten years ago this is what 38 would look like. Or that so much chaos could happen between 0 and 38.

Already, I have decided to just call it 40. Why not?

Five years from now, I'll still be 40. :o)

But I don't mind the silver streaking through my hair. I find it interesting and full of character. I'll forever be 40 with strands of white twisting around a wizened face.

I'm not fond of birthday celebrations like most. No parties, no cakes, no big surprises necessary. Let the day fade into night.

A road trip, under a sky full of stars, is all I need. That, our little entourage, a touch of music, and my camera, of course.

Thank you, Husband, for letting me borrow this pic... :oD